If your store concept involves baking very different baked goods, and if a wide range is important in addition to on-time availability, then your oven needs to be an all-round talent. It has to cope with baked goods and baking processes of all kinds, from Danish-style pastries to rolls, from proofed dough pieces to unproofed frozen dough pieces to half-baked frozen products.
In general, the all-round concept is based on the electrically heated convection baking oven MIWE aero due to its outstanding features: it is universal and flexible, available in many different sizes (4 - 16 trays for two-circuit versions), has easy to operate control systems with many options, energy saving functions and fully automatic cleaning. However, the deck oven MIWE condo can also be used, as can refrigeration technology based on the space available and dough piece processes.

The MIWE Convenience Levels involved are generally MCS 1, 2 and 3.

Our product recommendations:

MIWE condo - Every deck is a winner
MIWE condo
Every deck is a winner
MIWE aero e+ - Convection in perfection
MIWE aero e+
Convection in perfection
MIWE TKS - Schonend lagern und gefrieren
Gentle storing and freezing
MIWE GVAS - Gären, frosten und lagern
Proofing, freezing
and storing