baking worlds

MIWE allround

If your store concept requires baking very different baked goods, your oven has to be an all-round talent.

MIWE competence

If you want to highlight your store's baking expertise even more clearly, and not just hint at authentic craft baking, but actually put it into practice, a concept built around the deck oven MIWE condo is ideal.

MIWE mood

If you want even more emotion and style for your front-of-store baking system, the Wenz 1919, an eye-catching high-tech oven with a retro look, is ideal as the heart of the entire store concept.

MIWE freshfood

If the store not only bakes a wide range of baked products, but also serves them as hot snacks, a versatile oven system with special snack expertise is required.

MIWE gourmand

Ambitious fresh baking is not the preserve of premium bakeries and patisseries, it is often found in the high-quality catering and hotel sectors.

MIWE selfservice

Self-service bakeries, where customers pick out their own products, are now a common phenomenon in the baking sector.

MIWE to go

Crescent rolls, cookies, muffins – just three of the stars of the baking world that generate additional turnover in coffee shop and other quick service environments.