If you want to highlight your store's baking expertise even more clearly and put authentic craft baking into practice, a small-scale version of the classic deck oven layout is ideal. A wide variety of products with a distinct craft or even rustic nature are turned into tasty baked goods directly on the stone plate itself. Snacks and catering delicacies of all kinds also fit into this environment.
The deck oven MIWE condo offers ideal conditions for this concept. Wide glass doors; open views; different oven widths, depths and heights; up to six separately controllable ovens with top and bottom heat; sophisticated steam technology combined with easy to operate/clean designs. This is what MIWE condo is all about.

The MIWE Convenience Levels cover the entire range of applications.

Our product recommendations:

MIWE backkombi - Combine for good business
MIWE backcombi
Combine for good business
MIWE condo - Every deck is a winner
MIWE condo
Every deck is a winner
MIWE TLK - Gentle storing and freezing
MIWE TLK - Gentle storing and freezing