When new eating trends require the production of hot snacks and not just baking at the point of sale, we're talking about freshfood. Prepared freshly and quickly depending on the location, time of day or season, proofed and frozen or partially baked products are combined with fresh ingredients. The baked goods often simply serve to present the ingredients, so what is needed is a simple and varied oven system with special snack capabilities.
The ideal basis for a fresh baking concept like this is either a combination oven like the MIWE backcombi (convection and deck) or modular components tailored for your requirements from the fresh food system MIWE cube. Whether for convection with three, five, or ten trays in MIWE cube:air, a steady baking environment with a stone plate in MIWE cube:stone, or MIWE cube:fire for special high temperature requirements for pizza and tarte flambée – all baking methods required are covered.

The Convenience Levels involved are generally 4 and 5, but 3 is also possible.

Our product recommendations:

MIWE cube - 
Tailored for your needs at the point of sale
MIWE cube
Tailored for your needs at the point of sale
MIWE backkombi - Combine for good business
MIWE backcombi
Combine for good business
MIWE TLK - Gentle storing and freezing
Gentle storing and freezing