History and Strategy

MIWE History

Who invented it?
We have supplied in-store baking equipment for over 40 years, with a lot of success. When Prof. Edgar Michael Wenz far-sightedly praised the advantages of "sight and smell baking" and "consumer-oriented production" over 40 years ago, paving the way for modern in-store baking, the initial reaction from German bakers was reserved. As so often, he was well ahead of his time...

And with his keen eye for the future, he foresaw what we take for granted today: customer-oriented in-store baking, the "proof of freshness for nose and eye", and tirelessly emphasised its psychologically important component (in fact, by developing the appropriate technology and methods, he made it possible in the first place).

MIWE Strategy

"The oven as a sales tool? Why not? After all, it is the heart of every bakery. The psychology of advertising should recognize and use the advantages of bread and baked products as one of the many foods in constant competition with the others. "With articles about 'sight-and-smell' baking, I wanted to draw attention to this open and inviting space," is how Prof. Wenz described his motives in retrospect.