If you want even more emotion and style for your display baking system, an eye-catching high-tech oven with a retro look is ideal as the heart of the entire store concept. The equipment is like a flagship store of the craft of baking. The rather rustic nature of the baked goods is the key to the concept. The products can be highly varied. All baking technology methods can be implemented.
With its classic black cast iron oven door, the Wenz 1919 is not only an eye-catcher, it offers all the advantages of the electrically-heated deck oven MIWE condo. Up to three separately controlled ovens with top and bottom heat, sophisticated steam technology combined with easy operation/cleaning.

The MIWE Convenience Levels cover the entire range of applications.

Our product recommendations:

Wenz 1919 - Modern technology with a retro style
Wenz 1919
Modern technology with a retro style
MIWE AHO - Traditionally built
Traditionally built