Baking Stations

At the heart of every concept: the right oven

"In-store baking" is a pretty bland term to describe the colourful world of baking visible to customers. Today, bakers have many ways to distinguish their in-store baking concepts and thus to create a unique selling point in their markets.

MIWE 's brand of the year

Quality wins out. In the latest market study conducted by the trade publication Allgemeine Bäckerzeitung (ABZ), MIWE came out clearly on top in the category in-store ovens.

MIWE: Ready for Snacks

Take-away business is booming. Hot snacks and take-away products are the main drivers of growth in the take-away market. Fresh-baked products alone are no longer enough.

MIWE baking worlds

We describe a wide range of in-store baking worlds with example scenarios. Many different combinations are possible. We help you implement your own personal expertise concept.

MIWE Products

Baking expertise has many faces.
As different as the concepts are in detail - the right oven is always at the heart of the matter. The investment only makes sense if the oven fits the concept perfectly. The refrigeration and temperature regulation technology also play an important role.

MIWE Convenience Levels

Many paths lead to the same goal.
The five MIWE Convenience Levels schematically describe the different stages of the temperature regulation process in baking and their specific influence on the production and/or store environment.

MIWE History

The successful home of in-store baking for more than 40 years.
The talkative visionary, Prof. Edgar Michael Wenz, propagated the "proof of freshness for nose and eye" over 40 years ago.