bake & snack: profit from the boom

Take-away business is booming. Hot snacks and take-away products are the main drivers of growth in the take-away market. Fresh-baked products alone are no longer enough. Make the most of your possibilities and strengthen your snack business.

To meet your needs, MIWE offers many different oven systems that can also handle cooking, reheating and browning. At minimal extra cost and with no need for extra space.

MIWE oven systems can do more

For generations, MIWE in-store ovens have been synonymous with excellent baking quality. Thanks to gastronomic functions, now they can do even more. Boost your sales and profits through our expertise and additional intelligent functions for your snack business.
  • Gently and quickly prepared:
    The steaming function allows you to prepare side dishes, vegetables, fish or meat without odours or high temperatures right at the point of sale. The continuous steam function reheats prepared dishes through constant steaming.

  • Food can't overcook or burn:
    Everything is cooked perfectly and precisely thanks to MIWE technologies like the new multipoint internal temperature sensor. MIWE TC controls all baking and cooking processes. The system's 250 programs can be quickly and easily selected from the touch panel.

MIWE gusto snack

Small but amazing. The compact MIWE gusto snack delivers all the functions you need for a successful snack business: steaming, browning and reheating. Separately controlled top heat allows you to monitor the browning process.

Best of all: You can control this compact multifunctional unit using the new MIWE go! user interface – as easy to use as a smart phone.

MIWE aero e+

The MIWE aero e+ convection oven will impress your customers: You can produce premium quality snacks and baked goods at the point of sale with our best-in-class oven.

Professionals appreciate the rapid availability of saturated steam, the convenience of the MIWE go! interface and the ease of cleaning. The MIWE aero e+ is our response to your professional needs.

MIWE econo

The name says it all. Not just for smart spenders, the MIWE econo is an efficient and reliable solution for baking semi-baked goods within sight of the point of sale.

With its additional gastronomic functions, the MIWE econo also delivers excellent value for money for your snack business. The MIWE econo is available in four sizes and also with two baking chambers, making it perfect for all your needs.

MIWE cube

The FreshFoodSystem MIWE cube is our modular and stackable system for small spaces. No other system is this versatile. Our special à-la-carte recommendation for your baking and snack business:

Tartes flambées and pizzas get a nice crispy crust in the MIWE cube:fire – your customers will love it.

The cube:air is excellent for your frozen and semi-baked products.

The MIWE cube:stone is especially well-suited for browning and preparing casseroles. And voilà!