Annual Report 2007

MIWE Business Report 2007: Stable in positive numbers

Of the many large projects that MIWE was able to win in 2007, we wish to name three as examples: The French Groupe Holder purchased a deck baking oven MIWE thermo-express, useable baking area 43 m², with loading and unloading system MIWE athlet. Beyond that, the international branch chain „Boulangerie Paul" that belongs to the group equips its branches with baking ovens of the type MIWE electro and MIWE condo. MIWE was able to deliver three large continuous ovens MIWE thermo-rollomat to Penam, one of the two largest baking goods producers in the Czech Republic. MIWE was contracted with the planning of the new construction of the bakery by the Gellertstadt Backwaren GmbH in Hainichen; the entire useable baking area from the continuous oven to the rack baking ovens MIWE roll-in, all the way to the complete refrigeration technology was supplied.
Business fields
With the three business fields baking oven construction, bakery refrigeration technology, and automation technology, MIWE fully concentrates on the air-conditioning processes in the bakery and their smooth linking. With the majority holding in MIWE Bräunlingen (former erka Maschinenbau GmbH) MIWE has gained a third production location next to the headquarters in Arnstein and the production in Meiningen. Currently there are 36 employees active there, who are concentrating on the manufacture focal point for automatic proofing units and loading and conveying technology, which convincingly round off the product portfolio in the automation technology.
Further Internationalization
At MIWE one is very conscious of the origin and the roots in the German baking tradition, and has been able to expand and secure the market shares within the country. But still the potentials for growth that the company needs on its way to a successful future can mainly be found on the international markets today. The development of further international markets, brought underway by MIWE already years ago, was therefore one of the main characteristics of the report period. The export percentage was just over the 50-%-mark in 2007.
In this course Eastern Europe, especially Russia, has long proven itself as one of the most promising growth markets. Sales there have continuously increased since the market entrance by MIWE, and have first surpassed the approximate mark of 7 million Euros in 2007. MIWE accounted for the increasing importance of the Russian markets and the changes in the Russian bakery landscape among other things by a Moscow seminar series, which handled the topic of different processes in dough process in connection with the in-store baking ovens that are becoming more and more popular now also in Russia. Through directed marketing and communication, MIWE has achieved a very good standing in Russia, and enjoys excellent reputation. MIWE Australia was further expanded in 2007 as important base and binding link to the Asian markets, the North American market was successfully supplied with new products by MIWE USA.
The continually international orientation of the company also shows itself at the important fairs in which MIWE participated in 2007: The range of the large international fairs reaches from the Internorga in Hamburg over the IBIE in Orlando and the Südback in Stuttgart, all the way to the Modern Bakery in Moscow. At the Internorga, which documented the increase in the out-of-house market with the highest number of specialist visitors and exhibitors ever, MIWE met the expectations of the audience especially with the new MIWE cube. The MIWE cube is a modular fresh baking system with several baking components that opens the doors to the growth market snacks to all bakers in a simple and universal manner.
At the Südback in Stuttgart, the rack baking oven MIWE roll-in with the new Touch Control MIWE TC was presented, which was perceived as the highlight of the fair by many visitors also in Moscow. The rack oven MIWE lift-in (with hanging rack trolleys) was specifically developed for the North American market and its individual demands, and presented for the first time in Orlando. The goal of the fair appearances, the deepening of the market importance in the respective markets and segments, was achieved, say voices from Arnstein.
MIWE has proven its role as driving innovator among the bakery unit manufacturers again with a series of pioneering novelties. The new control system MIWE TC received special attention from the specialist audience, with which the in-store baking station MIWE aero and all other computer controlled products from the MIWE range will be equipped subsequently, following the rack baking oven MIWE roll-in. With its large, touch sensitive colour display, an extra large start-stop-key, and the choice between the Easy Mode, concentrating on the essential, and the Professional Mode intended for experts, the new control system provides not only state-of-the-art computer technology, but also simplest and clear operating concepts for bakery and stores.
With this novelty, MIWE again sets a benchmark for contemporary baking oven control systems. The full graphic display, which of course also includes foreign languages and different sign systems (like Cyrillic), facilitates oven operation there where it is needed most, and at the same time allows the professional all freedom to manually intervene in the processes anytime. A USB-interface for external communication is integrated into the flat, hygiene-friendly front.
A new addition to the program is also the MIWE athlet S, a variant of the loading robot for the smaller business, which the plant Bräunlingen contributes to the portfolio. Ultimately the fresh baking system MIWE cube received a further baking module with the MIWE cube : stone: A deck baking oven with stone plate that integrates itself precisely fitting into the system, and extends the range of baking products not only towards stone-baked bread, but also towards casseroles and scalloped goods, which significantly expands the flexibility of the modern snack baker.
Also in 2007, MIWE invested a seven-digit Euro sum into the further expansion of the company and the securing of the highly-efficient business processes in production and administration. A new laser cutting machine with comprehensive cutting optimization by the Trumpf ‚synchro-Model' provided effective cost saving in the material area. The new administration building that contains training rooms along with the offices was moved into on time in 2007. Further investments were made again in the further modernization of the IT surroundings; a system surrounding was created in the datacentre that reliably leads into the future, accelerates internal communication processes, and also accounts for the growing importance of the safety aspect.
The education and further training of the own employees as still regarded as investment in the future at MIWE. In 2007, 45 apprentices were employed at MIWE, and also like in the years before, one of them was able to receive the award as chamber winner this year. 95 % of the apprentices were taken into employment after completing their training. At MIWE, reforms in professional education are generally viewed with attention and dedication: For example, the location Meiningen is the first business in Southern Thuringia which, together with the education centre for refrigeration mechatronics in Meiningen, offer this new profession as a qualified job training. Beyond that, faced with the demographic change with the associated lack of specialists, MIWE is firmly counting on personnel development among own people.
The close cooperation with universities serves the further strengthening of the know-how bundled in the company, and the winning of especially qualified specialists. The contact with the neighboring university of applied sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt and with the ICC-Specialist circle around Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Lösche from the university Bremerhaven is very intense. Next to seven diploma dissertations, several mutual projects for material classification with a total of eleven involved students were the result of the cooperation with the university. MIWE participates in the practice forum of the University of applied sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt on a regular basis. This platform strives to promote the exchange of information between companies, students, and professors.
For the 2008, MIWE is expecting further internationalization of the markets and logically also with increase in turnover especially in export, whereas still Eastern Europe and the USA play important roles, but also Asia and the Arabic region will find increased attention.
All in all, 30 fairs worldwide are listed in the event calendar of the bakery unit manufacturer (the Südback as national focal point) for 2008. Also the iba 2009 as the largest international fair of the branch is demanding attention already, first preparations are underway.
Arnstein is still keeping quiet concerning statements about planned product novelties. In all business areas, promising development processes with focal points for example on energy saving and market and customer-specific solutions are underway. In total, the company views itself as well-prepared for the demands of the future. And with a well-filled order book also on the path to success in a commercially sustaining manner.