CO2 savings with and by

The world is getting greener. What the climate conferences are not able to achieve on a large-scale, we can achieve on a small-scale.

Have you ever asked yourself what have you actively done towards protecting the environment? What CO2 values have you achieved and how much electricity have you saved? We wanted to know too, and we compiled the data on how much carbon dioxide and electricity we have saved together through the use of energy-saving products.
How did we arrive at the steadily increasing numbers you see below?

We added up the energy savings achieved through all the products we have sold since 2008 and compared them to the previous models, which were already tuned for efficiency. In addition to that are the values achieved through all the energy recovery systems you have installed plus savings achieved internally by MIWE itself. All these values flow into our CO2 and electricity meter.

Have a look for yourself. The numbers were a real surprise to us.

What is the philosophy behind these actions? MIWE has imposed on itself a duty to use energy efficiently and to make a contribution to sustainability and energy savings. 1800 m2 of installed photovoltaics with an output of 128 kWp is just one of many small steps we have taken towards reducing our own CO2 footprint.

At both of our facilities in Arnstein and Meiningen various other measures have also been taken (e.g. the installation of an energy monitoring system to identify "electricity hogs"), in order to achieve the goal we set for ourselves of 5% energy savings annually. With these results, we will be receiving certification according to DIN ISO 50001 (energy management systems) in the course of 2014, a process which is being guided by two energy management officers employed by MIWE.

We act on the principle that those who use energy efficiently save money, make a contribution to environmental protection and at the same time make themselves ready for the future.