cube : Variant planner

Help for the MIWE cube : Variant planner

Pop-Up Function

You can inform yourself about every part of the MIWE cube system. Simply click on the designation.
A pop-up window will open, containing all important information.

Composition of your MIWE cube configuration

It is so easy to compose an own MIWE cube configuration:
  • Click on a component
  • Keep the mouse button pressed
  • Move the component to the right side of the window and let go
You should always start with a MIWE cube : carrier, which forms the basis of the system. After that you can try almost any composition, in order to adapt it to your requirements.
Should a part not fit where you want to place it (even in the middle), it is immediately indicated with the colour red. But try for yourself.

Rearranging the MIWE cube components

Just like you can move components, you can also rearrange and exchange single components.
  • Click on a component
  • Keep the mouse button pressed
  • Move the component up or down.

Red indicates that you cannot move the component to this position

Removal of a MIWE cube component

Of course you can also remove components from your MIWE cube configuration, in order to replace them with another component, for example.
  • Click on a component
  • Keep the mouse button pressed
  • Move the component to the left side of the window until it turns red, and simply let go
The component was deleted from your composition.

Adjustment of the body height

In order to check whether your personnel can still operate and load your MIWE cube composition easily, you can adjust the body height of the shadow figure.
  • Click on the red dot at the upper edge of the head
  • Keep the mouse button pressed
  • Move the mouse cursor upwards or downwards to change the height of the shadow figure

Inquiry and Print

By clicking on „Inquiry", you are rerouted
to a page on which your contact data (like name and address) are requested.
With the following click on „Send", your current cube configuration and your contact data is sent to us via mail, so that we can inform you about price and delivery times, or answer your questions about the cube.

By clicking on „Print", a PDF-file is created, which shows the important data including dimension drawing for your cube : configuration.
You can print this PDF, and save it for later use.