cube : Variant planner
You can read the short instructions for the interactive MIWE cube : Variant planner, or start immediately with the composition of your MIWE cube. Whatever your decision will be, have fun with the MIWE cube : Variant planner.

Quick start:

Moving MIWE cube components
It is so easy to compose an own MIWE cube configuration, print it with all important specifications, and to request your configuration from us with just one click.
  • Click on a component
  • Keep the mouse button pressed
  • Move the component to the right side of the window and let go
MIWE cube : Variant
You should always start with a MIWE cube : carrier, which forms the basis of the system.
After that you can try basically any composition, in order to adapt it to your requirements.
Should a component not fit where you want to place it (even in the middle), it will be indicated immediately with the colour red.