energy : analysis
After orientation with  energy:scout and  energy:check, the next phase of consulting provides you with even more precise results: MIWE energy:analysis gives you all the facts in detail, and as a result, a well-founded basis for your energy optimisation decision.

This analysis is based on a precise inventory of all components and processes relevant to energy consumption in your company - with technical measurements if necessary. For this purpose, a MIWE energy consultant will accompany you on a tour of your bakery and gather all the necessary data. In the corresponding consultation, we will also ask about any other factors which could impact your energy optimisation, such as your goals for the next year or foreseeable changes in the product range or company processes.

Based on this study, we develop at least two models for your power supply system. We point out the energy components and determine the energy flows. Paying particular attention to the return on investment period, we evaluate the models under economic aspects. That enables you to assess your concept in detail. After you choose a solution, we start the planning implementation, moving to the next level  MIWE energy:concept.
Extract from a MIWE energy : analysis