energy : scout

And how much is in it for me? Ask the MIWE energy:scout. It gives you an estimate of how much money you can save with a heat recovery system by MIWE.

It is true that precise answers are impossible without a thorough examination (as required in MIWE energy:check). However, it is often useful to be able to estimate at least a ball-park figure for the potential savings in your bakehouse without a great deal of work. That is exactly the reason we created MIWE energy:scout.

You only have to enter three values: the quantity of dough processed in a certain period (e.g. one month or one year). And the prices you pay for electricity and gas per kWh. That's all you have to do. Just click "Calculate" - and MIWE energy:scout uses a sophisticated process, which draws on all of our experience from many practical bakehouse projects, to calculate how much money you can save.

The results are approximate (based on a classic average product range), and may be significantly higher or lower in specific individual cases. The exact amount of energy you can recover in your bakehouse depends on many details which are not incorporated fully
here: the energy efficiency of your ovens and refrigerating units, for example, the exact composition of your range of baked goods or the organisation of your workflows.

Take the first step to your energy-saving future: MIWE energy:scout