At MIWE, we are not only experts in baking. Optimal use of energy is another subject that is very important to us. With the MIWE energy concept, we evaluate and analyse the complex aspects of your bakehouse to the tiniest detail. And, together with you, we gradually develop a customised solution for a significant reduction in energy costs in your bakehouse - while maintaining product quality and process workflows. What do you have to do? Take the test with MIWE energy:scout or just talk to us! We will be happy to support you in all subsequent steps.

About MIWE energy

Whether in baking, proofing, cooling or freezing: Where a lot of energy is required to manufacture projects, lower consumption saves you money. MIWE accepts this challenge. Discover what is behind this.

MIWE energy components

The MIWE energy-saving line : We have everything you need for optimizing energy use.

Scope of performance

The comprehensive mix of various levels of consulting combined with the best technical products makes the MIWE energy concept effective and unique. We support you from the first assessment to the complete energy saving product range, and beyond.

MIWE energy Support

Any questions? Are you looking for user reports, immediate measures or forwarding links? We offer you a range of services related to our MIWE energy concept here.