energy components
MIWE energy offers a full range of components for energy recovery and conversion on small or large scale. With our universal solutions and the individual concept for your bakehouse, you can make the most of your potential energy savings.

MIWE eco : nova

Central condensate and exhaust gas heat recovery system using the heat exchanger principle.

MIWE eco : box

An exhaust gas heat exchanger which functions as a heat recovery system for the purpose of hot water generation. Suitable for all oven burners and central heating boilers (thermal oil).

MIWE eco : recover

Extracts heat from the cold: modular waste heat exchangers for refrigerating units.

MIWE eco : proof

Its hot water heat exchanger ensures the right proofing temperature - far more gently than any radiant heater.

MIWE eco : defrost

Efficient thawing of the cooling and refrigeration exchangers, fed from the existing hot water.

MIWE eco : floor

Prevent condensation on the floor of your cooling cell - with a hot-water underfloor heating system.

MIWE eco : ground

Effective frost heave protection for all deep-freeze units. Protects your building. And saves you money.