energy User Reports
Our user reports give you an insight into practical applications of a wide range of MIWE energy products - recommended to our customers by our customers.
  User Report: Bäckerei Evertzberg, Remscheid (842,14 KB)
MIWE is also on board, providing technology for heat recovery as well as oven technology.
  User Report: Bakery Bolten, Duisburg (769,42 KB)
“To prepare for the future, you have to think about heat recovery“, says Ralf Bolten ...
  User Report: Bakery Treiber, Steinenbronn (651,61 KB)
Bäckerei Treiber relies on craft work, as well as state-ofthe- art oven technology.
  User Report: Bäckerei Matthäus (817,59 KB)
"We wanted to build for the future," says
  User Report: Bäckerei Plücker (446,42 KB)
"Especially when buying new ovens, you have to think about heat recovery," ...
  User Report: Maxl Bäck (846,97 KB)
"We want to make long-term savings in energy and consequently in costs," ...