The energy concept
You can't just reduce the energy consumption of your bakehouse - after all, you produce baked products. Ovens, cooling and freezing units consume a great deal of energy. In spite of this, our MIWE energy consulting concept reduces your energy costs - in many ways.

In developing a solution concept tailored for your individual situation, MIWE energy incorporates four energy saving cornerstones in your bakehouse:
First: Energy-saving production technology

It is important to use energy efficiently. Investing in a new system, which provides the same performance and equal or even better baking results yet consumes 30% less energy, is often worthwhile.
Second: Clever energy recovery

Waste heat, as is generated while baking, refrigerating and freezing, is not necessarily lost. Our energy:components use it for other purposes, reducing energy requirements in other areas, and also lowering energy costs.
Third: Combined heat and power

The MIWE energy concept integrates new energy use forms where it makes most sense, such as heat and power co-generation.
Fourth: Alternative energy sources

Using renewable energy sources and alternative fuels is also given serious consideration in each individual case, to evaluate all options for a customised concept.
The returns to be gained from energy optimisation depend on the individual conditions. That's why MIWE energy optimisation solutions are customised and not one-size-fits-all. Every solution is derived from specific consideration of the individual case.