energy: For good reasons
The cost argument

Energy is not available free of charge. Not today - and certainly not in the future, with the increasing energy prices. Added up, the electricity, gas and oil bills at the end of a year make up a significant cost item. Where a lot of energy is required to manufacture products, lower consumption saves you money.
The environmental argument

You don't have to be an environmental activist to see that wasteful use of our fossil fuel reserves results in two serious problems. On one hand, energy from fossil fuels is finite. On the other hand, the harmful substances created when fossil fuels are burned inevitably pollute and damage the environment.

Using energy sparingly protects the environment. Many consumers also appreciate and reward this environmentally-friendly behaviour. At the very least, the environmentally-friendly initiative is an important unique selling point for your bakery.
The legislative argument

Even those among us who are not yet convinced of the benefits of investing in energy-saving solutions will one day be forced to confront the realities of legislation and regulations, which are already in place at a national and EU-wide level. Stricter specifications and restrictive requirements, which we must face up to sooner or later, will restrict the consumption of fossil fuels in the future. With this in mind, energy optimisation is an investment in the future.

A wide range of factors determine the options available to bakeries for energy optimisation. Daily system runtimes, your product portfolio, the organisation of operations and processes - with MIWE energy, we always consider the individual initial situation. To reduce your energy costs noticeably, we exploit all advantages for you and draw up a customised solution concept for you. We always make sure your process workflows and product quality are maintained.

Take the MIWE energy:check, and we will examine your company's potential energy savings.