Basic principles for energy optimisation
A concept is only complete if it not only incorporates where which quantities of energy are obtained. It must also take into account where this energy can be utilised usefully. That is the most important fundamental principle and the basis for the MIWE energy concept: Energy optimisation only works properly in closed circuits.

The secondary process may not influence the primary process at any time. Energy optimisation may not adversely affect the manufacturing of the products by baking, proofing, cooling or freezing, and should ideally benefit those processes.

This complexity makes one thing clear - energy savings in bakehouses cannot be one-sizes-fits-all systems - a holistic view and individual consulting are important. For this reason, one of the fundamental rules of energy optimisation is that bakeries should take care to work together with a partner who truly understands both energy and the processes specific to your bakehouse. A partner who can therefore ensure that energy savings will not affect the quality of your product or the safety of your processes. A partner like us - MIWE.