Our MIWE energy consulting concept is the way to energy optimisation of your bakehouse - and thus the key to reducing energy costs significantly. Learn what is behind this and why it makes sense to do the check.

MIWE energy aus guten Gründen

For good reasons

You can save money by using energy efficiently. Besides the cost-based argument, there are several other good reasons.

Das MIWE energy Konzept

The energy concept

It takes a lot of energy to manufacture baked products. How can energy costs be reduced? MIWE energy defines four components of energy savings in bakeries.

In the bakehouse

No two bakehouses are the same. In spite of this, there are features which are found in all operation sizes which form the basis for energy optimisation.

Basic principles of energy optimsiation

Energy optimisation is only useful when it takes place within a closed circuit. Learn which complex aspects affect the consideration by MIWE energy.