What's new in modern baking? Find out more about innovative trends and the latest new developments from MIWE here. Read about innovations from MIWE that will help you to work better, faster and above all to increase the profitability of your business.

MIWE impulse XXI

Once again we have written fascinating articles on baking for you.
  • Energy costs?
    Always in sight thanks to MIWE eco:control

  • Thinking quality through:
    IInnovative packaging solutions

  • The new MIWE thermo-static integro:
    Flexible, efficient, self-sufficient

  • Your refrigeration system:
    Just how future-proof is it?

  • The future of networked baking:
    MIWE connectivity

  • Snack attack!
    Small baking ovens for better business

  • Trade shows / publication info
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MIWE impulse XX

  • A revolution: the new MIWE roll in e+ and ‚Atmospheric baking'
  • MIWE connectivity: Just keep control
  • (Almost) an insider tip:
    answers regarding tunnel ovens and thermal oil at MIWE
  • Leading by example:
    Energy Management ISO 50001
  • MIWE Apps – the new freedom
  • MIWE smart engineering: Just know how
  • Just get started: MIWE go!
  • The improvement of the absolute:
    the new MIWE ideal e+
  • Ready for Snacks
  • Faire dates / Imprint

MIWE impulse XIX

  • Making in-store baking easier in every way
    MIWE control systems ensure the best results for your baked goods and help you save too
  • MIWE winCAB
    For a precise overview of your branches and bakehouse
  • More speed! The new MIWE SF-D: Even faster. And even easier to keep clean
  • No need to fear new regulations
    (Process) secure baking refrigeration with new cooling medium
  • State of the art
    Which baking station is the right one?
  • The refrigeration triathlete for bakeries
    The new fully automatic proofing unit MIWE GVA e+ is convincing in all disciplines
  • Trade fair dates and publication info

MIWE impulse XVII

  • Ovens - Fine Tuning:
  • The new MIWE condo with an easy to clean door
  • Squaring the circle:
  • Easy hygiene with the new fully automatic cleaning program MIWE cleaning control, which is both environmentally friendly and energy saving
  • Many paths to the same goal:
  • MIWE convenience levels - the process landscape of modern baking in a systematic overview
  • MIWE flexbake:
  • The clever automatic capacity regulation for partial oven loading
  • Who invented it?
  • Over 40 years of in-store baking "Made in Arnstein". We are proud of how this invention has developed

MIWE impulse XVI

  • Extending the lead: The new MIWE roll-in e+
  • Baking expertise has many faces:
  • The seven worlds of today's fresh baking
  • MIWE smart engineering:
  • Complete manufacturing concepts from a single source
  • How much energy can I expect to save?
  • The MIWE energy:scout gives good estimates
  • MIWE Remote Service: Intelligent service at close quarters
  • Clean! More hygiene for your systems
  • Trade fair dates/credits

MIWE impulse XV

  • Who has the choice: a comparison of different oven systems
  • You can't eat my bread: the painter Sabine Frank
  • What needed proving: the MIWE roll-in e+ in the long-term practical test
  • And yet it moves: why it's worth investing in heat recovery from steam
  • From the future of baking: the EU-Freshbake project

Impulse XIV

MIWE impulse XIV

  • Icy intelligence: the MIWE TC in bakery refrigeration
  • Treasure-hunting in the bakehouse: perform the MIWE energy : check
  • German bakers' academies: the heaven from which the masters fall
  • The pretzel test: comparison of six baking processes and variants
  • The Bavarian Bakery Museum
  • Globetrotters with a local touch: Bavarian pretzels - Swabian pretzels
  • Trade fair dates

Impulse XIII

MIWE impulse XIII

(De, GB/US, RU)
  • A very popular buy : the history of one of the oldest baked goods ever
  • Automation: when the baker no longer needs extra help
  • Full steam ahead: the MIWE thermo-static
  • Save energy: intelligent and sustainable energy saving
    with MIWE energy in your bakery
  • Trade fair dates

Impulse XII

MIWE impulse XII

  • Tradition and High-Tech under one hood: The Wenz 1919
  • Practical impulses: seminars for more practical knowledge
  • Bread and games: a brief tour of the European Bread Museum
  • The innovative all-in-one solution for energy recovery and draught regulation: MIWE eco : nova
  • The MIWE cube : fire - a hot oven
  • Trade fair dates

Impulse XI

MIWE impulse XI

  • Anniversary in the bakery: baking non-stop
  • Times of bread and poverty: a baker shows his treasures
  • The new benchmark for baking oven control systems
  • MIWE aircontrol: perfect baking with low energy consumption
  • Optimal results for partial oven use with the "magic key"
  • Rack ovens under close inspection: which oven consumes less energy
  • A family´s success story: 40 years MIWE roll-in
  • On the road: mobile baking
  • Trade fair dates

Impulse X

MIWE impulse X

  • Partial oven use with top quality and lower energy use: quantities for ingenious baking
  • The perfect combination of fresh baking and the long cycle method: premium quality at a low price
  • Service: Just relax!
  • 10 issues of MIWE impulse: thank you!
  • Baking culture: globetrotting croissant
  • Bluetooth data transfer
  • Great bakery - great business: Clever bakery ideas increase profits
  • Trade fair dates

Impulse IX

MIWE impulse IX

  • Everything you always wanted to know about baking trays
  • Using energy sensibly: clever ways to save energy when baking
  • The winner‘s choice: report from the Junior World Confectioners' Championship
  • Everything is possible with God's blessing: what bakers are definitely not lacking in
  • Just relax! New services and offers with MIWE service
  • Fresh baking made easy
  • First aid for bakeries with hard water: full service for water filtering systems
  • Trade fair dates

MIWE impulse VIII

  • Gourmets and bakers: a brief guide to the world's best gastronomy
  • Business success in a niche market: the traditional German wood-fired oven
  • Evaporator surface area is good, but it is not everything: a critical look at rules of thumb
  • Cracks in the crust - part 2
  • Optimising energy costs: which energy carrier is ideal
    for your bakery?
  • Trade fair dates

MIWE impulse VII

  • Refrigeration and temperature regulation: the success of automated bakery refrigeration
  • Don't give mould a chance: better refrigeration unit hygiene
  • Cracks in the crust: baking flaw or rustic feature?
  • New replacement parts logistics
  • Ulm Museum of Bread Culture: bread in art
  • MIWE electro in constant use
  • Trade fair dates

MIWE impulse VI

  • Always up-to-date with the WebBaker
  • Cost reduction: rack trolleys
  • The choice is yours: comparing bread baked on racks and in oven decks
  • From real life: shady deals in our name
  • Tip: refrigeration needs resilience
  • Cheap investment now: Germany's Investment Allowance Act extended
  • Excursus: Mr Liebig and hunger
  • Market questionnaire 2004: Doctors Without Borders say thank you
  • Trade fair dates

MIWE impulse V

  • More than a dash of brilliance: MIWE cleaning control
  • Baking oven technology: quiet burners last longer
  • Control a thousand ovens: oven control via intranet/Internet
  • Heat recovery: learning from the experts
  • Review: baking for gold
  • Excursus: what do lords and ladies have to do with bread?
  • Safety at work: minor causes, major effects
  • Trade fair dates

MIWE impulse IV

  • Baking with thermal oil: gentle heat
  • Baking with flue gas: the secret is in the stone
  • Tips: a little hydrotherapy
  • Simply practical: mobile baking
  • Trade fair dates

MIWE impulse III

  • From Siberia to the Pacific: find the right refrigerating unit
  • Tip: German resilience and closing time
  • Automation in the bakery
  • Care & maintenance: cool summer
  • Background info: reserved for baking!
  • Trade fair dates

MIWE impulse II

  • Into tomorrow's world: the MIWE gateway
  • As tough as they come: Xelogen lamps
  • A fitness program for your oven
  • The right temperature is the key to quality: refrigeration and temperature regulation
  • Less is more: energy consumption
  • Better baking: tips for in-store bakers
  • Trade fair dates

MIWE impulse I

  • Without good waste disposal you're just half-baked. The right disposal lines
  • Oven update with the Palm Handheld
  • Better baking with controlled air supply: the MIWE aircontrol
  • Full steam ahead: the MIWE thermo-static
  • Bake 'n Snack:
    The easy way to get a great baked snack
  • Trade fair dates


MIWE impulse Baking Tray Compendium

  • The basics
  • Overview: material and coating
  • Practical know-how: If rolls could fly...
  • Initial treatment and care: preserving your tins and trays
  • A special case: pretzels

MIWE impulse Energie Kompendium



  • The fundamental question is: is it worth it?
  • The situation in the bakehouse
  • Basic principles for energy optimisation
  • An ideal start: MIWE energy:check
  • From analysis to the solution: MIWE energy:analysis
  • Combined energy systems: practical examples
  • MIWE eco: an overview of the energy saving range
  • Direct measures to save energy free of charge



MIWE impulse Processing Technology Dough Basics

  • The situation: the baker's dilemma
  • Solutions: dough processes and baking
  • The fundamentals: yeast and enzyme activity
  • Implementation: from individual temperature to overall process
  • Summary: assessment of the process

MIWE impulse Processing Technology smartproof

(ger., pl.)
  • MIWE smartproofTM: aromatic long dough process
  • Introduction
  • Process
  • Individual process examination
  • What to remember when starting
  • Overall assessment

MIWE impulse Processing Technology Interrupted Dough Baking

(DE, RU)
  • The interrupted baking method
  • Introduction
  • Process
  • Individual process examination
  • What to remember when starting
  • Overall assessment