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Bakers immediately feel at home on our homepage. Perhaps it all began years ago when you purchased your first MIWE oven. Perhaps you feel at home because you know we understand just how important a role technology plays in the bakery industry. And because we strive to meet your needs, the following guiding principle applies: MIWE makes baking simple

MIWE roll-in e+

The newest version of quite probably the most economical rack oven in the world ensures consistent baking results even during weather and draft-related disturbances thanks to "atmospheric baking".
Get to know the roll-in 3.0.

MIWE 's brand of the year

Quality wins out. In the latest market study conducted by the trade publication Allgemeine Bäckerzeitung (ABZ), MIWE came out clearly on top in the category in-store ovens.

MIWE gusto snack

Warm snacks are driving growth in the on-the-go market. So that you can make the most of this profitable trend, we have developed the MIWE gusto-snack.
Get on-board with your snack business.

MIWE bakery refrigeration systems

It doesn't make any difference whether you prefer standard components or individual units - sooner or later you will come to us. MIWE bakery refrigeration: The best thing that can happen to your baked goods.