MIWE and its impressive customised solutions in fresh baking

From 26 February to 3 March 2011, MIWE successfully presented baking stations for commercial fresh baking at the EuroShop in Düsseldorf. At the MIWE fair booth, many professional visitors were provided with baking information including details about the MIWE gusto in-store baking oven and the FreshFoodSystem MIWE cube. The concept, especially developed for the food retailing industry, received a particularly large positive response.

The trade fair team from MIWE is extremely happy with their performance at this year's EuroShop and with the great interest shown by the professional visitors in MIWE's range of solutions developed to meet the great diversity of commercial production and product requirements as well as specific site conditions. Many of the interested people from this sector visited the MIWE fair booth to inform themselves about the possibilities for food retailers. Since the devices are not always operated by personnel with practical experience, simple handling, particularly with regard to operation and cleaning, is an important feature in all MIWE baking stations.

The EuroShop brought with it a nice surprise for the MIWE team; an estimated 50% of total visitors at their booth were professional visitors from Europe and the international world. Thomas Stannek, product manager at MIWE GmbH, sums it up: "The positive response to our customised concepts strongly confirms that we are on the right path. Furthermore, the high percentage of foreign professional visitors and their interest have shown us that progress in this sector is also extremely dynamic with regard to commercial fresh baking. This opens diverse business areas for MIWE which we will work on intensively."

A further, greater attraction for the professional visitors was the compact all-rounder fresh baking oven, MIWE gusto, as well as the FreshFoodSystem MIWE cube. In the rolls and snacks sector, this clever baking oven concept offers the right baking oven for every product and it allows different products to be baked at the same time thanks to the individual arrangement of ovens in the smallest of standing areas. This is how MIWE oven systems support the convenience sector in meeting customer and consumer expectations of freshly baked products and snacks.