Experts in all things dough-related ...

To be able to manufacture high-performance systems for the baking industry, one ingredient is required above all else: a profound understanding of the requirements associated with raw dough. As the main constituent of every baker's dream, this material requires a high standard of workmanship. Our core business has always been the correct air conditioning of dough pieces - whether during proofing, cooling, freezing or baking.

... and professionals in the field of engineering.

However, dough know-how alone is no guarantee for high-performance bakery systems. Only the combination of solid engineering, state-of-the-art plant construction and an ability to smoothly organise complex processes enable us to develop efficient manufacturing lines which are the key to survival in the present-day market.

Specialists with a penchant for variety.

Modern industrial producers are looking for an ideal combination of high output performance - like in single product lines - and flexibility of the products manufactured. This way, you remain open for future developments that may not even be foreseeable at this point in time.
If you want to be offered the best concept for your product and your requirements from a variety of possible solutions and degrees of freedom, while keeping your future options open, come to MIWE.

Availability? A factor that leaves no room for compromise.

The higher the throughput and the more significant the quantity effects, the more important is the operational reliability of the system. That is why we do all that is in our power, from the planning and design stages on, to ensure that your system is as intrinsically operationally reliable as possible. The combination of a wide array of basic features that are characteristic of our systems results in high availability.
Cleaning and maintenance work are unavoidable, but they should interrupt the production flow as rarely and as briefly as possible.

Everything under control. Control concepts by MIWE.

In automated manufacturing lines, control systems monitor all of those functions that a baker would otherwise keep an eye on: the smooth and correctly ordered sequence of process steps, accurate control of the process parameters and feedback, storage and evaluation of all relevant actual values.