Bakery Processing Plants

The sole function of a manufacturing line is to generate the products exactly in accordance with your specifications in terms of quality and quantity - completely reliable and operable as cost-effectively as possible. For almost 100 years, the MIWE brand has proudly stood by its tradition of consistently concentrating on providing benefits to its customers.

The measure of all things: your product

The combination of superior baking knowledge with solid, German mechanical engineering and project management expertise results in customised bakery systems that guarantee a high throughput and reliable baking quality in the long term. And that is ultimately what you are looking for, isn't it?

MIWE - the baker‘s partner

Our life-cycle management is our clear personal commitment and your guarantee that we will continue to support you and your system in ten or twenty years. We are there for you now and wil remain so - as good partners, with our customary high quality standards and 100% made in Germany.

System components

There are two ways automation can improve the efficiency with which bakery products are manufactured: continuous or discontinuous production. Which option is the right one for you depends primarily on the variety of products and the batch size to be produced by the system.