- the baker‘s partner

Here's to a good partnership. We are at your service, now and always.

At MIWE, the term "Life Cycle Management" expresses a clear personal commitment: we support your system throughout its lifetime. With a solid position in the market like our current position, we can guarantee that we will still be taking care of you and your system in ten or twenty years' time, remaining true to our customary high level of quality. Naturally, we will be on hand to assist you in the commissioning and approval of the plant, as well as during the handover to the production team.

Our ability to provide the correct spare part in the right place at the right time contributes significantly to the high availability of your system. The MIWE service team provides round-the-clock assistance and is always glad to be of service in an advisory or supportive capacity.

The significance of procurement from a good source.

"100 % Made in Germany". Our industrial systems are all exclusively developed, constructed and manufactured by ourselves in Germany and always according to our high quality standards.
For all other mechanical and electrical components relevant to operational safety, we only use components of well-known brand manufacturers who boast a global service network.
For you this means having MIWE as partner.