Loading technics for Multi-deck Ovens
MIWE athlet L
MIWE athlet XL
MIWE athlet XXL

MIWE athlet

As semi or fully automated operating robot it enables fully continuous baking operation. The fully automatic loading unit harmonizes perfectly with the devices for dough piece handling and further transport.

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Report from practical experience

  User Report: Badische Backstub' (216,97 KB)
Home-style baking on a grand scale. At first glance, this seems an impossible task.
  User Report: Kaisers Gute Backstube  (698,92 KB)
Kaisers Gute Backstube has moved to a production facility that really does the company name proud.
  Success Story: Piekarnia Familijna Kowalczyk (1,19 MB)
Special challenges - Special solutions…
  Success Story: Bäckerei Konditorei Staib (1,17 MB)
Special challenges - Special solutions…

MIWE bäckerboy

With a system of counterweights, this mechanical loading support helps you in saving strength and time during loading and baking.
The MIWE bäckerboy can be easily operated by one person.

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