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Saving energy is also really catching on at shops

Fresh baking alone is no longer enough - it's the quality that makes the difference. Here, the true expert shines through. Seen as this high level of quality also requires the best oven, we have improved our successful MIWE aero once again.
The result is impressing with a variety of detailed optimisations. However what makes it the baking station of choice is its clever and unique features including perfect baking of frozen small products, automatic gradient baking, resource-efficient cleaning control and sophisticated control concepts for requirements within branches. The new MIWE aero - the best recommendation for impressing your customers with premium quality.

Product information MIWE aero e+

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Report from practical experience

  User Report: Bakery Engel, Höxter (528,64 KB) business began using the MIWE aero e+ oven at one of its top locations. They are also using the new MIWE go! control system.

MIWE aero - an all-rounder for premium quality standards

The e+ seal of quality. Only given to the best.

At MIWE, we are committed to using energy efficiently and making a lasting contribution to energy conservation. This commitment applies above all to the systems and processes we develop for our customers. MIWE systems that fulfil this principle in a very special way - and only them - are given our e+ seal of quality.
  • High-performance cascade steam device integrated in the baking chamber for first-class baking results – shiny crust and optimal bloom even when baking frozen small products. Perfect evenness thanks to high-performance circulator fans with four fan stages and patented fan propeller control.

  • Suited to a particularly wide product range with the gastro function with permanent steam and core-temperature sensor connection.

  • For excellent crust: freely controllable additional and outgoing air flap for quick de-steaming of the baking chamber.

  • Adjustable steam quantity by means of water meter; exact metering possible even with pressure variation.

  • Perfect browning even during partial loading thanks to patented intelligent automatic capacity
    regulation (MIWE flexbake).

MIWE aero - a convection baking oven for premium quality standards

  • The steam device can easily be removed from the front through the baking chamber for cleaning or maintenance.

  • Perfectly staged sight baking thanks to large viewing window and LED lighting; reflective-heat double or triple glazing saves energy.

  • For highest hygiene standards: easy clean or optional fully automatic cleaning system cleaning control in the standard version.
  • Economic use of cost-intensive resources thanks to night start-up (also with cleaning control) and energy-saving mode (Eco:Modus); optional third glass window for even lower surface temperatures and reduced energy loss that can be opened for cleaning purposes.

  • Suitable for all capacity requirements thanks to four different baking chamber sizes; also available in a two-circuit version for an even larger baking area.

  • Combines the best of both baking worlds: combination with the deck baking oven MIWE condo as MIWE backcombi

Restaurant function (optional)
  • Add fresh products, such as meat, vegetables and many more, to the range of products you offer. The easy to operate steam proofing or combination functions (steam + convection) can be used for this.

  • Our intelligent technology controls the permanent steam during the proofing process and at the same time the core temperature sensor detects when the correct proofing point has been reached and signals the end of the program.

Easy control with MIWE FP 12 or optional MIWE Touch Control TC

FP control system
  • FP control system (100 baking programs, 12 directly selected via pictograms the customer can change as desired, 5 baking phases per program) with a wide range of intelligent functions (e.g. networking, pre-programmable night start-up function for the whole week, automatic defrosting).

  • Quick transfer of baking programs by means of front USB interface.

  • Quickly ready for baking, but saves on operating costs too thanks to the energy-saving function: in the MIWE eco mode, the baking station is adjusted – if not used – to a freely selectable temperature.
Touch Control MIWE TC
  • Simple and safe operation of the Touch Control MIWE TC with a capacitive glass display – user interface available in an easy and professional mode (secured via user authorisations; 250 baking programs with up to 8 baking stages).

  • Hygienic thanks to very simple cleaning of the large and elegant glass surface.

  • Modern and contemporary operating concept.

  • Display of individual image motifs for sales promotion at the PoS, large remaining baking display, integrated user management with definable access rules, easy or professional mode, varied networking possibilities (Touch Control MIWE TC with a capacitive glass display).

MIWE flexbake:
Clever automatic systems for partial loading

Baking programs are usually designed for a fully loaded baking chamber. But what do you do if, instead of the full number of baking sheets, you only insert half? When evening is approaching, for example, and you don't need to fill the oven completely? To take care of such situations, MIWE flexbake is now available for MIWE aero e+ in-store baking stations with the touch control MIWE TC.
  • Single learning phase once the baking program has been completed for certain products.

  • During this learning phase the control system saves the actual temperature curve of the baking program and in future bakes only according to this curve.

  • Optimal baking results are thus achieved even during partial loading, and you save energy at the same time.
    MIWE flexbake is only available from MIWE. And not only for the MIWE aero but also for the MIWE roll-in with the touch control MIWE TC.
More detailed information on MIWE flexbake can be found in the new Impulse XVII

Clean. At the press of a button. 

MIWE cleaning control

If you would like a fully automatic cleaning system for your in-store baking oven whilst also benefitting from energy-consumption, ecological and time-saving advantages, then look no further than MIWE cleaning control Version 3.0. It requires considerably less water and also uses less energy. In addition, it uses a food-safe, risk-free cleaning agent. It also has an automatic fill level display, and an auto-start function for cleaning outside of normal business hours. The cleaning tank is designed to be filled for several cleaning cycles, which can be done simply via the front panel.
  • Hygienic cleaning with biologically degradable cleaner which is simply filled into an integrated storage tank without direct contact. Only one cleaning agent, ensuring safe handling.

  • Economical cleaning in terms of water and energy that can be set to 2 different conta- mination stages.

  • No additional working hours because the programmed cleaning (night start-up) can take place outside of operating hours. Residual heat can be used in the first baking operation.

  • Daily cleaning is both affordable and sustainable thanks to the low consumption values that are most probably unparalleled.

The new proofing cabinet MIWE GS designed according to hygiene requirements

In areas where dough, moisture and heat come together, particularly impeccable hygiene is required. It is even easier to achieve this now with the new proofing cabinet, because, with its deep-drawn proofing chamber, it has many fewer dirt-prone grooves, edges and screws and no mould-prone silicone.
  • Proofing cabinet designed according to aspects of hygiene. Easy to clean due to rounded inner shell that does not feature any unnecessary joints or edges.

  • Glass door displays fresh dough pieces in a brightly lit-up inner chamber, allowing products to be constantly monitored visually.

  • Comfort air conditioner that is controlled via the FP control system in a precise and easy manner.

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