Special version of the all-rounder: The same excellent baking results as with a large professional deck oven and a wide variety of baked products – MIWE condo makes this possible even in a small floor space.

The MIWE condo can be used in different surroundings and for all kinds of products.

The special MIWE condo-4E is the perfect choice for these applications at branch outlets.

Product information MIWE condo-4E

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The MIWE condo-4E: an all-rounder!

The MIWE condo masters the full range of baking.

  • Two double baking chambers with four decks in one baking oven unit. Each deck is a full-fledged single oven deck (individually controllable with dedicated steam device).

  • Large baking area in compact space at ergonomic operating height.

  • Inside oven deck height is 13 cm.

  • Large visible area with minimal depth impresses customers and increases sales

  • Versatile deck oven with gentle baking atmosphere (radiation); electrically heated.

  • Ovens lined with stone slabs so bread can be sold as "stone-baked".

  • Top and bottom heat can be regulated separately for each deck to ensure the best possible baking results. Stainless steel electric heating rods are secured in the side wall with steam proofing, and fitted directly in the baking chamber.

  • 1.9 or 2.9 m² baking area for delicate pastries, traditional rolls and heavy bread varieties or roasts – you can bake different products concurrently.

  • Powerful steam device with steam-proof casing for intensive steam and an excellent crust. Steam device as a separate subassembly with its own heating system, thus no heating decrease in the baking chamber.
Unit Touch Control MIWE TC-U

The MIWE TC-U Unit Touch Control is a control unit designed especially for branch outlets with a high level of standardization. It is used exclusively for preprogrammed baking without any need for additional intervention by staff.

  • Comprehensive visual user interface that is easy to understand and has one control system for the whole oven (up to 5 decks + 1 proofing cabinet).

  • Intelligent preselection of decks during program selection saves time and money (energy costs).

  • Lower connected load so limitations dictated by the site and electricity supplier can be changed inexpensively.

  • Increased operational reliability due to external control system (optional).

  • Please note that we also offer the special MIWE condo 4E model.
MIWE condo combines form, function and technical perfection

  • Visually attractive to customers and easy to use for operating personnel.

  • Highly efficient heating, stainless steel electric heating elements screwed into steam-tight fittings in the side walls and mounted right inside the baking chamber.

  • Energy savings: separate insulation for each oven. Ultimate stability and durability: steam-tight welded baking chambers with reinforced top.

  • Perfect illumination with halogen lamps ensure optimum presentation of your baked products; the lamps have a long service life and are easy to change.

  • Optionally available with black surface.
New loading door is extremely easy to clean

Hygiene and cleanliness are ensured as loading door can be cleaned with just a few simple hand movements.
  • Securely fastened and ergonomic cleaning position of the door, which also prevents the cleaning agent dripping onto the baking chamber.
  • Thanks to a new door seal, the steam can be used more efficiently, air conditions are improved and the oven is easier to handle for the operating staff (for models 0608 and 0806).
The new proofing cabinet MIWE GS designed according to hygiene requirements

In areas where dough, moisture and heat come together, particularly impeccable hygiene is required. It is even easier to achieve this now with the new proofing cabinet, because, with its deep-drawn proofing chamber, it has many fewer dirt-prone grooves, edges and screws and no mould-prone silicone.
  • Proofing cabinet designed with hygiene in mind. Easy to clean due to rounded inner shell that does not feature any unnecessary joints or edges.

  • Glass door displays fresh dough pieces in a brightly lit-up inner chamber, allowing products to be constantly monitored visually.

  • Convenient air conditioner that is controlled via the MIWE FP3 control system in a precise and easy manner.