cube : the FreshFoodSystem
Baked freshness à la carte – individual and efficient

Your customers are very demanding and desire diversity and freshness: delicious snacks, crusty pretzels, crispy pizza, pasta bakes and a tray of croissants in between. Everything is possible with the FreshFoodSystem MIWE cube.
It helps you create more variety and achieve greater throughput – always at the highest level of quality.
The FreshFoodSystem MIWE cube is the modular baking system on a uniform platform.
Thanks to the different types of baking chamber and practical system components such as proofing and drying cabinet, open intermediate compartments, drawers, steam condenser and fume hood, it can be combined to meet all your requirements.
And it always remains flexible – thanks to the base frame on rollers.

Experience the diversity with the online variant planner.

With just a few clicks you can configure your individual baking system, and extend and modify it in any you want until it meets your needs.

Product information on the MIWE cube

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Report from practical experience

  User Report: Bkaery Schoder – FreshFoodSystem MIWE cube (288,94 KB)
„It‘s supposed to be a hearth-type oven“, explains master baker Adolf Schoder
  User Report: Berufsschule Kitzingen (1,05 MB)
„The planning was an incredible challenge for us“, Hans Stahl remembers.
MIWE cube : air
  • Electrically heated convection baking oven: compact design for three, five or ten 60 x 40 cm trays; especially suited to baguettes, bread rolls and pastries such as croissants.

  • Easy operation and even baking results at the touch of a button with the MIWE FP 9 fixed program control. Unintentional operation is almost impossible thanks to 9 directly selectable programs with pictogram buttons. In addition, there are 100 baking programs with 5 baking phases respectively. This saves time.

  • First-class baking results: the best sheen and optimal bloom thanks to a steam system with spray technology and frozen small products function.

  • Easy to clean thanks to rounded baking chamber, smooth surfaces and removable condensation conduit (also for MIWE cube:stone).

  • Adjustable during installation: optional water tank (no permanent water connection necessary); door can be fitted to the right or the left (also for MIWE cube:stone).

  • Safe: the surface of the door's triple glazing remains cool and when open the door locks at angles of 15°, 90° and 110° (also for MIWE cube:stone).
MIWE cube : stone
  • Electrically heated deck oven with stone slab. With a gentle baking atmosphere suitable for bread (stone-baked), baguettes, pretzels, pasta bakes and all kinds of snacks. It can be flexibly combined with other cube modules and expanded to an ideal bake-and-snack combo.

  • Compact design: with a minimal floor space requirement, the MIWE cube:stone has a double baking chamber, an oven height of 130 mm and more than enough space for two 60 x 40 baking trays.

  • Comfortable operation: the baking program starts automatically when the door closes.

  • The special door mechanism makes it possible to clean the inside of the door without additional handles.

  • The MIWE cube:stone is equipped with the same control system as the MIWE cube:air.

  • The USB port on the MIWE cube is on the front of the oven and is thus easily accessible at all times.

MIWE cube : fire
  • Electrically heated (230V lighting current) high-temperature baking oven up to 350°C with stone slab. For perfect baking of pizzas and tarte flambée (stackable by up to four units).

  • Flexible thanks to separate, controllable top and bottom heat.

  • Straightforward: easy control with high-quality analogue controls.

  • Perfect finish: steam slide valve for the manual de-steaming of pretzels.

  • Optimal use of the baking chamber. Fits 4 pizzas with a diameter of 26 cm.

  • Loading and removal without the risk of burns: door hinge at the top, pane hinged towards the inside.