MIWE electro
You can think of the MIWE electro as the big brother of the condo and thus always the best choice when you want the professional features and versatility of the condo, but need more baking capacity. Due to its bigger depth and the resulting higher weight, MIWE electro is fundamentally permanent installed despite having exactly the same characteristics as its smaller counterpart MIWE condo.

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„I didn‘t want to, nor could I afford to make any compromises“, says master baker and pastry chef Hannes Kurz.
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Professional and versatile. The MIWE electro.

It has everything that distinguishes a genuine bakery baking oven.

  • 3.84 – 14.4 m² baking area for delicate pastries, traditional rolls and heavy bread varieties.

  • Perfect and even baking results: bread of outstanding quality and taste with a crispy crust.

  • Intensive steam and excellent crusts thanks to the high-performance steam device with steam-proof casing.

  • Decks are lined with stone plates so bread can be sold as "stone-oven bread".

  • No drop in baking chamber temperature because the steam device is a separate component with its own heating.

  • Fast baking readiness thanks to the quick heating-up process.

MIWE electro is exclusively available with the fixed program control.

  • Each oven deck features the fixed program control MIWE FP8 with 30 baking programs (8 can be selected directly) and 5 baking phases per program; control panels can be individually positioned.

  • A wide variety of products can be baked at the same time due to the individual controls and steam devices for each baking chamber.

  • Top and bottom heat can be regulated separately for each deck to ensure the best possible baking results.

  • Guaranteed baking results due to the program's de-steaming with the electrically controlled steam slide valve.

  • Control system can be attached to the left and the right, allowing several ovens to be placed next to each other in a space-saving manner.

Maybe you would like a bit more condo? The MIWE electro.
  • Simple installation: the MIWE electro can be delivered completely disassembled and partially assembled. The electrical installation can be optionally selected on the right or left side.

  • The ideal supplement: vapor extraction hood with extraction fan, self-supporting draw-plate hearth for ergonomic loading or front part table.

  • Modular deck baking oven for versatile use with gentle baking atmosphere (radiation heat); electrically heated.

  • Saves energy: separate insulation for each deck. Ultimate stability and durability: steam-proof welded baking chambers with reinforced ceiling. 

  • Accurate door mechanism provided with safety glass or stainless steel doors.

  • The baking chamber is well lit and the lamps are easily accessible.

  • Low noise generation and heat emission help maintain pleasant working conditions.

  • Flexibility in accordance with baking needs – all the decks required for the production process can be controlled individually. Energy costs can also be reduced in this way.

  • Adjustable heating levels make it possible to bake both delicate and heavy baked goods with the appropriate amount of energy.

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