Our smallest oven. But still a genuine MIWE

As you can see, MIWE gusto perfectly combines a lower spatial requirement and excellent baking properties in an extremely attractive manner.
With MIWE gusto, we have namely developed a high-performance oven that allows gut baking even where space is particularly narrow.
With this oven, you can get started immediately.

The gusto is the most compact fresh baking oven on the market, and, on top of that, has been awarded for its extremely harmonious appearance with "iF design award" of International Forum Design in Hanover, Germany.


Product information MIWE gusto

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Further Information

MIWE gusto - one of the most compact baking stations.

  • Ideal for the final bake of partially baked goods and snacks.

  • Excellent baking results with a low spatial requirement. The MIWE gusto is a convection oven with a compact design.

  • Mobile, transportable baking station with very easy commissioning.

  • It can be used immediately and almost everywhere.

  • Plug'n bake: Ready to use with simple start-up, thanks to the alternating current connector (Schuko plug).

  • Water supply via patented, integrated water tank, which is accessible from the front and has a capacity of almost 5 litres.

  • Safe, easy and language-independent operation with the fixed program control MIWE FP. 12 directly selectable baking programs (total of up to 100 baking programs, each with 5 baking phases), also easy to operate for untrained personnel.

  • Quick transfer of baking programs via front USB port, network capable.

  • Hygienic and easy to clean thanks to the rounded baking chamber and smooth surfaces and the automatic cleaning system MIWE easy clean incl. floor drainage (optional).

  • The automatically opening door signals the end of the baking time and thus prevents unintentional overbaking.

  • Door hinge is available as a left or right version.

  • The heat insulation glass and a baking chamber lit with an LED light save energy.

  • Baking trays are loaded lengthways to ensure a large, visible surface and easy handling.