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MIWE ideal
For many decades, it has been considered "the" classic oven that makes life easier for bakers worldwide: the MIWE ideal. An oven that specifically takes into account the artisan baker's needs. One that gives you the flexibility to react to changing conditions. One that, thanks to its sturdy base frame, can not only be moved, but can also be used in rooms with low ceilings. One where even the type of heating can be modified at any time.
And above all one that is: highly economical, carefully engineered, made to last and always reliable. You can rest assured that it rightly carries its name.

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An expert in the craft of baking

Like the traditional stone baking ovens, the MIWE ideal bakes with gentle heat.

  • Always the best choice for deck ovens: the heating gas circulator with its static baking atmosphere (heat transfer via radiation) is ideal for baking products ranging from heavy rye breads to wheat buns and rolls.

  • Energy saving: Depending on the requirements of the current production, the two oven groups (for the two-circuit version) can be operated at different temperatures or the top or lower oven group can be switched off completely.

  • Dynamic: the excellent heating rate of 2 to 3°C per minute ensures that the baking chamber heats up quickly and allows the recovery time to sink to a minimum after loading.

  • In the MIWE ideal, stone plates are used for baking. That is why bread baked in this oven can be labelled as "stone-oven bread" for commercial purposes. If primarily pretzels are baked in the oven, then special steel plates can be inserted. Optionally, the oven decks can be completely equipped with stone plates.

  • Always ready for operation, thick steam condensing on the baked products, a short heating phase, high heat storage capacity and fast recovery time. The MIWE ideal is and will always be ideal for steam-intensive batch-after-batch baking.

A long service life, flexibility and minimal energy consumption are only a few of the highlights of the MIWE ideal that put it ahead of the rest.

  • A space saver! When space is limited in the bakehouse, the three-sided activation allows you to install MIWE ideal ovens right up next to one another or on the top. Together with the oven's small base, you can save a considerable amount of space and money.

  • Longer service life and lower operating costs thanks to the robust construction.

  • Flexible and firm: by installing the oven on a stable floor plate, it can be moved around completely in the bakehouse as required.

  • 100% hygienic: the entire oven casing (side walls, rear wall, front panel and doors) is made of stainless steel. Alternatively, the doors can also be ordered in special heat-proof glass.

  • The baking chambers made of anti-corrosion steel retain the steam and thus keep the baking energy where it's supposed to be. In addition to that, thick insulation between the two oven groups reduces indirect heat loss. Perfect for low energy consumption.

  • Cost-effective: the MIWE ideal boasts an excellent thermic efficiency of about 90%. At the same time, it stays well below the limit value for exhaust gas (DIN 8722).

  • The MIWE ideal can be fuelled with oil or gas. It can be retrofitted at any time.

  • Depending on the height of the room, the MIWE ideal deck baking oven is available in up to 6 oven decks. Even the top deck can still be reached comfortably.

  • Rational filling and convenient loading: The optional 3 cantilevered and stable draw-plate ovens and the fully-automatic loading unit MIWE athlet make it possible.

  • An optional front part table with a sturdy stainless steel plate provides an extra storage surface.

  • The ideal supplement: leave strenuous loading and unloading tasks to the fully automatic loading unit MIWE athlet.

You can choose from two control systems for operating the MIWE ideal: the touch control system MIWE TC or the fixed program control system MIWE FP 10.

Touch Control MIWE TC

  • Easy to operate, thanks to the large colour touch-screen display (screen diagonal 7 inches / 17.8 cm) and visual user guide with product pictograms.

  • In practice: extra large start-stop key - can be reliably operated even with gloves.

  • Large memory for a wide range of products: up to 250 baking programs with up to 8 baking phases each.

  • Perfect baking: steam function for all products and baking with increasing/decreasing temperatures.

  • Access-controlled: clear access rights thanks to integrated user administration.

  • At any time: manual operation in easy or professional mode and completely manual baking.

  • Easy networking: USB interface integrated in front, Ethernet interface. Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces optional.

  • Simple transfer of baking programs, backup and importing via front-integrated USB interface.


  • 30 baking programs (with five baking phases each).

  • 10 preferred baking programs can be selected directly at the press of a button.

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