roll-in e+ 2.5
The energy efficiency pioneer

The MIWE roll-in e+ came at just the right time for bakers a few years ago. It was a rack oven that was more energy-efficient than any before it, and it also produced better baking results. It was a real milestone in the development of convection ovens. And thanks to continuous enhancements over the years, it has remained at the top of its class.

Now this oven is even more energy-efficient. And these improvements in energy efficiency will also save you money.

thanks to:
  • MIWE eco:wing, a specially arranged seal flap in the flue gas duct
  • The new flue gas channel, which flows through the steam device for better energy efficiency
  • The hermetically sealed and adjustable door seal on the roll-in
  • A heat storage wall (optional) that keeps the energy in the baking chamber for longer periods during batch-after-batch baking

Just like you, we want to ensure optimal baking quality and crust quality for your sensitive baked goods. With the new MIWE roll-in, this is extremely easy because

  • The air supply can be precisely adjusted thanks to the MIWE aircontrol
  • It features excellent steam output thanks to an optimised, energy-efficient steam device placed directly after the heat exchanger
  • The easy-to-use MIWE TC Touch Control with many options enables safe operation

Now is the time to learn more about the MIWE roll-in e+, which is probably the most energy-efficient rack oven in the world:

Product information MIWE roll-in e+

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Further Information

Report from practical experience

  User Report: Bakery Bertschi, Kloten, Switzerland (611,71 KB)
They use new MIWE rack ovens.
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„The objectives are clear,“ says Oliver Platt ...
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  User Report: Bakery Gebert, Gnodstadt (756,50 KB)
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Its assets – and your advantages – in detail:

The e+ seal of quality.
Only given to the best.

At MIWE, we are committed to using energy efficiently and making a lasting contribution to energy conservation. This commitment applies above all to the systems and processes we develop for our customers. MIWE systems that fulfil this principle in a very special way - and only them - are given our e+ seal of quality.

  • Slimline economy: significant reduction in energy consumption, thanks to the clever patented heating gas conduction with additional flue gas channel, which also serves as a steam heating system.

  • Further energy savings due to improved heat transfer with MIWE eco:wing, a specially arranged seal flap in the flue gas pipeline.

  • Optional heat storage wall, which acts as a heat buffer and caps burner peak loads, thus ensuring an effective heat transfer at lower connected loads.

  • High throughput despite lower connected loads of approx. 60 to 65 kW (without heat storage wall 70 - 75 kW). Fast baking readiness and continuous maximum steam performance, even when baking batch-after-batch.

  • Efficient energy use in clear figures: the combustion efficiency of considerably more than 90% (measured in accordance with DIN 8766); minimal exhaust gas losses, as the outlet temperature of the dissipated flue gas is below the baking chamber temperature of up to 50°C.

  • Even in comparison with the incredibly economical standard MIWE roll-in, the e+ can generate savings of up to 30% (and even more compared to older rack ovens).

MIWE delta-baking

  • Finer control of the burner allows for more precise control of the temperature curve in the baking chamber.

  • Measurements taken during actual baking have shown savings of between 7 and 15%, depending on the product.
  • Thanks to an additional baking parameter, a softer baking atmosphere is created, especially for Danish-style and other pastries.

MIWE aircontrol: Perfectly suited for baking all kinds of dough pieces
  • The patented air regulation system, MIWE aircontrol, guarantees excellent crusts, even in unfavourable ambient conditions, and also saves energy due to its low baking temperature.

  • The control options have been refined further, thus granting the handling advantages of a rack oven for almost any kind of baking product.

  • Special cast elements, which further improve the high-performance steam system, ensure shiny crusts for your baking products.
MIWE flexbake:
the clever automatic systems for partial loading

Baking programs are usually designed for a fully loaded baking chamber and ideal loading conditions. In reality, the situation is often quite different. MIWE flexbake automatically evens out numerous fluctuations relevant to quality (e.g. baking chamber temperature, fluctuations in mains power, door left open too long) and allows for partial loading.

  • MIWE flexbake automatically and intelligently compensates for less-than-ideal baking conditions such as baking chamber doors that are left open too long, fluctuations in mains power or dough pieces with varying temperatures.

  • Single learning phase once the baking program has been completed for certain products.
  • The control system stores the actual temperature curve of the baking program during this learning phase and then only bakes according to this curve.

  • Optimum baking results are achieved even when the oven is only partially loaded and, to top it all off, energy savings are also achieved.
More detailed information on MIWE flexbake can be found in the new Impulse XVII
  MIWE impulse XVII (2,03 MB)
Easy to operate with the control system MIWE TC
  • With its large touch screen colour display and a start-stop-key that is sensitive to touch even from a short distance, the MIWE TC (optional) offers simple, intuitive fingertip control.

  • Up to 250 baking programmes with a maximum of 8 baking phases each can be saved, edited, and selected in the MIWE TC. Easy to use thanks to a clear screen layout without unnecessary menu branches./p>

  • The control system has two operating modes: a simple easy mode and a professional mode, for advanced users.
Optimal quality and hygiene
  • Flexibility with very low time spent and cost: change of the door stop on site without additional material possible.

  • Permanent hermetic steam proofing: the seals on the door can be easily adjusted at any time.

  • Bake consistently at the highest level and save energy too: with the new model MIWE roll-in e+, the compact and versatile rack oven (rotating system) for baking all kinds of dough pieces. Suitable for all baking methods.

  • Service savings: long heat exchanger service life due to heat-resistant stainless steel design.

  • Service-friendly: all units can be easily accessed from the front (firing at top, control system can be flipped forward).