roll-in e+ 3.0
MIWE roll-in e plus
For excellent bakers who value efficiency.
Word has spread that the MIWE roll-in e+ is probably the most energy-efficient rack oven in the world (a fact also proven in hundreds of bakehouses). The oven is also unparalleled when it comes to its baking properties, which are even more outstanding in the latest version. 'Atmospheric baking' puts an end to adverse influences due to weather and draughts and ensures consistent baking results. The patented MIWE aircontrol ensures precise heat transfer and a perfect crust. MIWE delta-baking, a sophisticated temperature management system, enables fine-tuning for products like Danish-style pastries and other fine pastries. And thanks to the heat
storage wall and the high-performance steam system, consistent batch-after-batch baking at lower connected loads is now possible.

And as if all this weren't reason enough to choose the new MIWE roll-in e+, we've now made the oven even more energyefficient.
True to our promise: Just better – MIWE baking excellence.

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Report from practical experience

  User Report: Bakery Burkard, Pommersfelden (685,47 KB)
The MIWE roll-in e+ combines optimal baking results with efficient energy consumption and intuitive control.

The new Generation MIWE roll-in e+ 3.0

  • Now with 'Atmospheric baking' as a standard feature: Perfect evenness regardless of external factors (draughts, weather, atmospheric pressure). Products rise much better in the oven, and baking times are often shorter.

  • Greater process stability and clear hygiene documentation thanks to wireless multi-point
    core temperature sensor (optional).

  • Significantly improved hygienic design: Flat surfaces in the baking chamber
    (including door and rotating plate), no dirt pockets, entire exterior is splash-proof.

  • the MIWE TC‘s new larger 10" TC touch screen

  • Much brighter baking chamber lighting for a constant view of the product.

  • Clearly visible signals, even from a distance: the new LED status light, optionally available directly under the fume hood.
  • Another convenient feature: The new Soft Close automatic door (optional).

  • Monitor energy use with the new consumption display (optional).
The optional remote display – integrated elegantly in the fume hood – is lit up with LED technology to the front and downwards. The status information can therefore be read both from higher points as well as from confined working positions and almost every angle.
The control column now has a considerably larger touch control system with glass display; the integrated, bright status light still indicates the operating mode of the oven.
Flat inner surfaces make cleaning considerably easier – the hygienic door interior with additional energy-efficient in- sulating glass pane.
Not only clearly more hygienic, but even more stable: the rotary plate with complete floor covering in one piece.