Gentle heat for the highest quality standards

The MIWE thermo-express combines the well-engineered design of our deck baking ovens with thermal oil technology, which provides for a gentle baking atmosphere.

The thermal oil system is based around a central supply unit that directs the the heated oil along a primary pipeline to the various ovens by means of the respective secondary circuits. This principle allows for high-precision control of the energy supplied to each oven deck - depending on the requirement.

The multiple-circuit versions allow for various baking temperatures to be used independently of one another in the same oven. Different parameters for temperature, baking time and steam; operation and heating of just a single oven group - anything is possible.

A special feature of the MIWE thermo-express is that it can be equipped with up to five draw-plate ovens when it is intended for manual operation.

As an optional extra (only applicable for peel loading ovens), the MIWE athlet can be implemented to provide fully automatic loading and unloading of the MIWE thermo-express.

It is also possible to remove entire draw-plate ovens (up to 12 decks) - by means of a MIWE loading system - in order to align them with the height of the workbench, for example. Once loading is complete, the draw-plate ovens are replaced.

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Gentle heat for the highest quality standards

  • The gentle radiation heat that is characteristic of thermal oil helps to achieve perfect baking results.

  • An even heat transfer between the upper and lower heating plates in each oven deck guarantees the highest quality for your baked products.

  • With the MIWE thermo-express, it is possible to achieve a baking chamber temperature that lends itself perfectly to the baking of rye bread.

  • A saturated steam supply, quick recovery times and a constant operational availability are the ideal prerequisites for being able to bake steam-intensive products in a short space of time.
Two control systems are available for use in conjunction with the MIWE thermo-express.

MIWE Touch Control TC-Control System

  • A multitude of practical functions and the highest level of operating ease: Touch Control MIWE TC with large colour display.
  • Simple and safe to operate: large, touch screen colour display.

  • In practice: extra large start-stop key - can be reliably operated even with gloves.

  • Large memory for a wide range of products: as many as 250 baking programmes with up to 8 baking phases each.

  • Gradient baking: automatic, uniform baking results with any quantity thanks to the patented automatic capacity regulation.

  • Perfect baking: steam function for all products and baking with increasing/decreasing temperatures.

  • Customers and staff are quickly informed: large display shows remaining baking time.

  • Access-controlled: clear access rights thanks to integrated user administration.

  • Possible at any time: manual intervention in easy or professional mode and completely manual baking.

  • Easy networking: USB interface integrated in the front, Ethernet interface...


  • The MIWE FP control system (standard) is equipped with a hygienic membrane keypad, a baking timer for displaying the remaining baking time and lots more besides.

  • Up to ten baking programme combinations can be saved in the FP.

  • Additionally, the keyboard can be used to set the target/actual temperature and automatic night-time starting function on the thermostat, as well as the 7-day timer and the automatic steam function.

A flexible system with potential for expansion at any time. Additional, complementary devices can be fitted for increased automation.

  • Mammoth dimensions: equipped with as many as twelve baking chambers and with a
    depth of up to 2.40 m, the MIWE thermo-express can miraculously provide an effective baking area of 52 sq m.
  • All MIWE central heating boilers and thermal-oil heated ovens are designed for temperatures greater than 300 °. Several central heating boilers can be connected to one another without any problems.

  • Each baking chamber is fitted with a separate, large-capacity, quantity-controlled steam unit which generates a supply of intensive and saturated steam.

  • Additional complementary devices: MIWE butler, loading and outfeed conveyors etc.

  • For increased automation and efficiency in your bakery. The MIWE athlet provides you with a fully automated loading and unloading system.

  • Up to a maximum of seven ovens can be operated as one-circuit versions - when using multiple-circuit versions, each circuit has to consist of at least 2 ovens.

  • Flexible: the thermo-express can be positioned almost anywhere thanks to its three-sided activation and rear-side connections.

  • As an optional extra, it is possible for all ovens to be fitted with a turbulence system.

  • The MIWE thermo-express can also be supplied with draw-plate ovens or draw-plate trolleys; it is possible to have baking chambers of varying heights.

  • Steam proof, insulated doors made of stainless steel.

  • The central heating unit can be set up in a separate boiler room.

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