A great performer - with modest demands

If we were to describe the MIWE thermo-rollomat in as few words as possible, we would call it a "multi-deck, fully automatic continuous oven with thermal oil heating for batch baking operation and continuous step production". Everything that a baker requires has been taken into consideration: a large baking area on a small footprint. A gentle yet powerful baking process that delivers even baking results. And unlimited temperature control of the highest precision. A further feature includes a saturated steam supply, provided by an external, low-pressure steam boiler, that is maintained at a constant humidity and temperature. The oven also has a simple switching mechanism that allows you to change easily between batch baking operation and continuous, step-by-step production. This feature in particular makes the MIWE thermo-rollomat suitable for all baked products in the conventional temperature range, from deck-set and peel-loaded products to tray and tin goods.

The most striking characteristic of the MIWE thermo-rollomat is the arrangement of its baking chambers, which are installed as separate, self-contained oven units.

Product information MIWE thermo-rollomat

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Further Information

Sample system: Discontinuous production with a high level of manual flexibility

The task:

Simultaneous production of different hard rolls and bread in large quantities. Maintaining a high level of flexibility. Future expansion options.

Our approach:
Independent process islands for dough processing, proofing and baking.


  • Wide range of products possible
  • High level of flexibility
  • The sub-units can be divided into separate sections.
  • Easy to expand

The advantages at a glance

  • Batch operation and/or continuous step production
  • Large baking area on a small footprint
  • Powerful yet gentle and even heat transfer
  • Unlimited temperature control of the highest precision
  • Improved control features
  • Saturated steam of constant humidity and temperature
  • Longer service life
  • Each baking chamber is arranged in the housing as a self-contained, separate oven unit
  • The multiple decks can be operated at varying temperatures thanks to the concept of top and bottom heating
  • Identical arrangement of all components in each deck
  • MIWE-patented special hinged-plate conveyor for transporting the products in the oven decks
  • Simple lubrication technology with the MIWE SPB
  • Floating heating plates and pipelines
  • Heating with thermal oil enables mild, gentle and yet powerful baking without scorching heat

Control system

  • Touch screen monitor for work sequence visualisation
  • Windows® desktop programming
  • Fully automatic system components
  • Additional monitors, e.g. at the oven outlet, in the dispatch department or in the bakery manager's office
  • Up to 300 baking programmes
  • Production process logs
  • Records of any faults that may occur
  • Visual support for the localization and elimination of faults
  • Remote servicing via modem
  • Control system integration in an existing production line network
The MIWE butler is an automatic proofing trolley unloading station designed for convenient and labour saving loading of the MIWE thermo-rollomat. The advantages it offers are clearly evident: products are transferred synchronously and not "grabbed".