thermo-static integro
MIWE thermo-static integro
Baking with thermal oil is both simple and flexible. The wagon oven MIWE thermo-static integro for two or three trolleys comes with its own central heating boiler. The boiler rides piggyback. It needs neither the space for a separate central heating boiler nor any external piping.
And on top of that it’s extremely economical. The MIWE thermo-static integro makes even baking results possible thanks to the gentle baking atmosphere and baking characteristics typical of
thermal oil, with low baking losses and longer freshness. Of course, both variants come equipped as standard with the baking technology innovations MIWE atmo-jet and MIWE's own "atmospheric baking".

This opens entirely new perspectives for baking with thermal oil...

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The smooth one among wagon ovens.

MIWE atmo-jet – the new steam technology for the MIWE thermo-static.

  • With the optimised MIWE atmo-jet steam technology, a fine mist is generated by compressed air. In this way, the entire surface of the steam generator is considerably better moistened and utilised. In particular, this means reduced water requirements.

  • Thanks to the fast evaporation, the steam is immediately available in the baking chamber and full of pressure, thus providing saturated steam for even better product quality.

  • Can also be retrofitted on existing installations.
The amount of steam during the first few seconds is crucial; as much steam as possible must condense before it overheats. As the graph shows, the MIWE atmo-jet produces steam much faster, with approximately 2.5 times the pressure.
For further information on MIWE atmo-jet, see the new Impulse XVIII.
  MIWE impulse XVIII (1,14 MB)
Smooth heat – excellent baking result.

  • Wagon oven heated with thermal oil for baking the entire product range from heavy rye bread to wheat buns and rolls; bakery products are either fed in unmoulded, in tins or on trays.

  • Smooth heat and even baking results thanks to the gentle baking atmosphere; baking characteristics typical of thermal oil, with low baking losses and longer freshness.

  • Even, saturated steam with unprecedented quality during the entire steam period thanks to the patent-pending MIWE atmo-jet steam technology.

  • The amount of thermal oil to be heated is lower, which means less energy is consumed. The oven heats up faster and every temperature reaction in the oven occurs immediately, thanks to the very short path from the burner to the baking chamber. Batch after batch baking is possible.

  • Direct baking on stone with the optional stone slab system with integrated loading technology.

  • Prize-winning technology: "atmospheric baking" – winner of the südback Trend Award 2016 – makes you independent of weather-dependent pressure fluctuations and further improves baking results.

  • Even, quickly available saturated steam with unprecedented quality during the entire steam period thanks to the patent-pending MIWE atmo-jet steam technology. Winner of the südback Trend Award 2013.

  • 2-stage turbo system with circulating air – especially suitable for tin products; easy to integrate into the baking program for more flexibility in the baking phases: stage 1 for gentle browning, stage 2 for power circulating air and forced de-steaming.

The MIWE TC is very easy to use in easy and professional mode.

  • Flexible positioning of operator panel – also separately from the oven; particularly space-saving if one central operator panel contains the control units for two ovens.

  • With its glass-clear, simple operation, 250 baking programs each with up to 8 baking phases, and simple management via the USB interface integrated on the front, you are sure to be convinced by the touch control MIWE TC control system.
Easy handling, high degree of flexibility for optimum energy!

  • Due to the optional patented cool-down system, there is more flexibility when changing to a new product; despite the high thermal stability of thermal oil, it is possible to operate with temperature curves.

  • Baking chamber door with lifting mechanism protects the floor seal from damage, also when baking trolleys are inserted at ground level. Less energy loss due to good sealing.

  • Easy handling and unloading even in the case of power failure, thanks to the robust and almost maintenance-free insertion and removal support (for three trolleys, optional for model with two trolleys).

  • No additional costs: existing baking trolleys can mostly be reused or adjusted with low efforts.

  • The central heating boiler enables low noise and flexible supply as well as modular expandability. The separate positioning of the central heating boiler increases the service life of the burner and simplifies maintenance.

  • Two sizes for two or three trolleys. The integrated central heating boiler is positioned at the rear and firmly attached to the oven.

  • Best fitting and space-saving solution: the MIWE thermo-static integro provides the advantages of thermal oil baking without additional requirements such as auxiliary units or external piping.

  • The MIWE thermo-static integro can be simply and inexpensively integrated into a chimney system that already exists in a production facility. A separate chimney in a separate room is not necessary.

  • Significantly improved operating reliability thanks to direct heating from the integrated central heating boiler.

  • Direct baking on stone with the optional stone slab system with integrated loading technology finally brings real stone oven bread within your reach.

  • Easy to install and commission, precisely because the oven functions autonomously.