MIWE 's brand of the year

Quality wins out. In the latest market study conducted by the trade publication Allgemeine Bäckerzeitung (ABZ), MIWE came out clearly on top in the category in-store ovens.


Baking Stations

The aroma of freshly baked rolls and the sight of hot, steaming croissants makes in-shop baking a culinary delight for the customer. MIWE "created" the aromatic bakery and our range includes many different in-shop ovens for you to choose from.

MIWE aero e+

If you want the equipment you need for fresh baking, the MIWE aero e+ is the best choice. It is a high-quality, electrically heated convection baking oven for premium quality.

MIWE econo

Ideal for all half-baked products as well as for Danish-style pastry, croissants, and similar pastries; this baking oven offers a price/performance ratio that makes merchants happy.

MIWE backcombi

It combines the moving heat of the convection baking oven MIWE aero with the static baking atmosphere of the deck baking oven MIWE condo - and brings together two oven systems in a small space, resulting in exceptional baking diversity that is highly sophisticated.

MIWE cube

The FreshFoodSystem MIWE cube is a baking system that can be fitted on a uniform platform with very different types of baking chamber; its individual modules can be combined with each other at will.

MIWE condo

The same excellent baking results as with a large professional deck oven and a wide variety of baked products - MIWE condo makes this possible even on a small standing area.

MIWE condo-4E

The special version of the all-rounder delivers outstanding baking results in large quantities at branch outlets with a high level of standardisation.

MIWE gusto

A jack of all trades. Bakes top quality with any kind of dough pieces. As you can see, MIWE gusto perfectly combines a lower spatial requirement and excellent baking properties in an extremely attractive manner.

MIWE gusto snack

Warm snacks drive growth in the on-the-go market. So that you can make the most of this profitable trend, we have developed the MIWE gusto snack
Wenz 1919

Wenz 1919

Highly versatile electrically heated deck baking oven with a static baking atmosphere (radiation heat), but with the retro front of a rustic wood oven.

MIWE shop-in

The MIWE shop-in is our niche specialist. With its dimensions that could almost be called unique the shop-in enables professional rack baking in a very small space.