Wenz 1919
Wenz 1919

State-of-the-art baking oven technology in a nostalgic look

Our niche product for your success.
The Wenz 1919 puts originality and authenticity to the best use. Highly-valued by bakers, the MIWE condo deck baking oven, with the original front of an old German wood baking oven, combines eye-catching attractiveness with efficient high-tech baking stations. You profit from
the flexibility and capacity of a perfected, electrically heated, all-round baking oven with an easy-to-operate
fixed program control system and simultaneously seduce your customers with the visual promise of a rustic and original consumption. Such a baking oven can only bear one name, of course: Michael Wenz laid the foundation for the MIWE worldwide success story in 1919.

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Report from practical experience

  User Report: Bäckerei Dreher (1,15 MB)
„The baking oven is the focus of the bakery,“ Markus Dreher, master baker in the Black Forest, says.
High-tech deck baking oven with nostalgic front.
  • Electrically heated, versatile deck baking oven with a stationary baking atmosphere (radiation heat) and nostalgic front of a rustic wood-fired oven.
  • Thanks to the well-proven technology, MIWE condo is suitable for a complete baking program,
    from the sensitive pastry and classic hearth rolls to heavy bread varieties or roasts.
  • The high-output steam device provides sufficient amount of steam and even steam distribution in entire baking room;  optimum shiny crust,  oven spring, and shine of the products are the result.
  • The hearths are provided with stone plates; the bread can be therefore called a "stone-oven bread."
  • Simultaneous baking of different products thanks to the intrinsic control systems and steam devices for each baking chamber.
  • Steam-proof enclosed, high-performance steam device for intensive steam and excellent crust; steam device as a separate component with proper heating system, and thus no heating decrease in the baking chamber.
Wenz 1919 - flexibility thanks to modular construction and easy-to-operate control system.

  • High flexibility and easy access to the point of installation thanks to the modular construction.
    Available with 1 - 3 hearths for sheet measurement 60 x 80 cm, and a hearth passage height of 19 cm.
  • MIWE FP8 set programming with 100 baking programs for each oven deck (8 can be selected directly) and 5 baking phases per program; a long cable means operator panels can be individually positioned.
  • Authentic baking oven door especially for staging "sight-and-smell" baking. The solid cast-iron doors can be easily opened and shut by tension and counterweight according to the principle of the chain-operated loading door.
  • Whether brickwork, natural stone, trowel plaster, historical framework (or stand-alone) - Wenz 1919 can be harmoniously adapted to each surrounding and thus provides style and ambience in the sales room.
  • It harmoniously rounds off the rustic impression: substructure with compartment for logs.
  • Easy installation into each corresponding niche since it is basically transported on rollers.
  • Top and lower heat individually controlled for each hearth for best baking results.
  • Efficient heating; electric heating elements made of stainless steel, screwed into the sidewall and directly installed in the baking chamber.
  • Energy savings: separate insulation for each hearth.
  • Highest stability and durability: steam-proof welded baking chambers with reinforced cover.
  • Perfect illumination with halogen lamps for optimum presentation of the baked products; long service life and easy replacement.