eco : box
MIWE eco : box
Small. But effective.
An exhaust gas heat exchanger which functions as a heat recovery system for the purpose of hot water generation. Suitable for all oven burners and central heating boilers (thermal oil). MIWE eco:box offers you excellent value for money, a sophisticated 2-phase monitored bypass system for maximum safety requirements and can be installed virtually anywhere with ease thanks to its compact design.
  User report: Bäckerei Gebert (647,82 KB)
"You can really see how technology has developed", master baker Hans Gebert says, comparing two different generations of rack ovens.
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Special challenges - Special solutions…


  • Approx. 70% of the flue gas heat that escapes is recovered as thermal energy. The combined combustion efficiency (oven+MIWE eco:box) is increased by approx. 9% if the recovered energy is used fully. For central heating boilers this figure is 14 - 15%.

  • Very good price/performance ratio thanks to high efficiency and a generously proportioned flue gas heat exchanger.

  • Heat absorption, thus enabling the flue gas to be cooled down to 25°C above the current water temperature.

  • Quick and simple installation thanks to the compact design and an intelligent connection solution. The MIWE eco:box can be quickly and easily adapted to the local requirements and the installation situation (horizontal, vertical, to the rear etc.).

  • The high gloss insulation is based optically on a chimney and also insulates the heat exchanger. This reduces unnecessary heating of the bakehouse. The robust outer layer also protects the system from dirt and residue build up and reduces the risk of burns.

  • Available as a single unit for oven burners with a nominal power of 95 or 140 kW. Up to three burners can be connected at the same time using units with a nominal power of 170, 250 and 300 kW. Two or three burner systems can be connected to a MIWE eco:box, thus avoiding the necessity for additional chimneys.

  • The multiple connector system makes for flexible installation.

  • The MIWE eco:box is fitted with a sophisticated 2-level monitored bypass system.

  • Completely automatic cleaning thanks to the integrated control thermostat located on the directly connected circulation pump. This eliminates the costs of installing a complex additional controller.

  • Equipped for a disposal line (chimney), water inlet and drain.

  • Developed and manufactured by MIWE for the needs of a bakehouse. Extremely long service life due to immersion etching and use of high-alloy steels V4A (1.4404).