eco : nova
MIWE eco : nova

Central condensate and exhaust gas heat recovery system using the heat exchanger principle.

The heart of the MIWE eco:nova is a heat exchanger. It transfers thermal energy from one flow of material(flue gas or steam) to another (water) .As both of the material flows do not come into contact with each other directly but are separated by a heat-permissible wall in the MIWE eco:nova (namely the pipes arranged as a wall in the heat exchanger), the system here is an indirect heat exchanger. While the (hot) material flow passes through the pipes in the heat exchanger, it releases its thermal energy through the pipes to the cold material flow surrounding the pipes. Flue gas is cooled, the steam is condensed and the process water is heated.Available for baking oven burners with a nominal power of 160 kW or higher, and in the 320, 480, 640, 800 and 960 kW expansion levels.
  • MIWE eco:nova has been developed as a central system, which can be used for a multitude of different baking ovens; it is available from a baking oven nominal power of 160 kW, as well as expansion stages 320 kW, 480 kW, 640 kW, 800 kW, and 960 kW.

  • Thanks to the separation of steam and flue gas, it has the highest total efficiency, and uses the complete thermal energy of both material flows. In addition to that the upstream separation leads to another raise of the efficiency factor.

  • It recovers approximately one fourth of the energy consumed for baking (and thus also the energy costs), which corresponds to a particularly high system efficiency of up to 37 %.

  • The heat exchanger according to the internal bare-tube method with the condensate collecting tank requires less maintenance than other systems. Thanks to the standing position, the maintenance is considerably easy to carry out.

  • MIWE eco:nova absorbs roughly 75% of odour emissions. As a result, the eco:nova can eliminate much of the emissions without additional investments.

  • Future-oriented and environmentally friendly: a sulphur dioxide flue gas washing unit with CaCO 3  neutralization has already been integrated, and therefore anticipates future tightening of emission laws.

  • MIWE eco:nova offers an individual and dynamic adjustment of the draft per oven, while a constant total draft is ensured by forced suction (central fan with frequency converter PID control).

  • The draft of every individual baking oven can simply be entered as an additional parameter to optimize the baking process. MIWE eco:nova individually controls the draft according to its specifications.

  • Enormously reduced material and assembly costs for the pipework of your baking ovens: Instead of separate exhausts (and thus a lot of openings to be provided on site), MIWE eco:nova bundles all connected baking ovens to one exhaust. Of course, this also reduces the running costs (chimney sweep, etc.).

  • The innovative MIWE bypass offers maximum reliability: in the event of maintenance work or (in rather improbable) case of malfunction, you can simply continue to bake without any loss.

  • With a 17.8 cm screen diagonal, the Control System MIWE TC offers maximum comfort and clarity: adjustment and control are easy; all operation displays can be intuitively read at a distance, and the statistics area leaves no wish unfulfilled in regard to size and clarity.

  • MIWE eco:nova is prepared for a disposal line (chimney), water supply line, water discharge line, networking, and power supply. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a quick commissioning.

  • It is designed, developed and constructed by a company that permanently works on the improvement of all climatic processes in the baking sector and that knows your needs better than anybody else: MIWE makes baking simple.
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Its special features – and your advantages – in detail:

High energy recovery
by means of separately processing flue gas and steam

As a standard feature, flue gas and steam are fed in separately for heat recovery in the MIWE eco:nova. Due to the laws of physics, thermal energy from both material flows can only be used to the full extent when the flows are further processed separately for heating water over 60°C (which is practical in the bakehouse). The higher energy content of the steam can only by used when the flows are kept separate. The total efficiency of the heat recovery is six times as higher as in processing where the material flows are mixed (see diagram).
The actual high energy recovery co-efficient can be seen directly in economic terms, too. Fast amortisation means flexibility in further investment planning.

Temperature-independent baking results
thanks to dynamic draught adjustment

Developed for special requirements in this bakehouse, the dynamic draught adjustment ensures that the specific draught required for each individual oven remains constant. A constant mechanical adjustment for each oven is no longer necessary. In addition to that, an uneven chimney draught due to the climate is hardly of consequence any longer because the dynamic draught regulation of the MIWE eco:nova works directly in the run-around coil system (where fluctuations in the natural chimney draught due to atmospheric conditions can influence the baking result) greatly improving the evenness in the baking result.

Individual draught regulation for each baking oven as an additional parameter to optimise the baking process

All baking parameters under precise control! The draught can be set to an exact value within a wide control range. Depending on the requirement, a strong or a gentle draught can be set to remove the steam from the baking oven.This plays a crucial role in the evenness and quality of the products and prevents fluctuating climate conditions from affecting the baking result.

Highest operational reliability with MIWE bypass

Even in the most unlikely event of a malfunction on the MIWE eco:nova, normal baking operation can continue without downtime thanks to the integrated bypass, a kind of redirection of the material flows past the MIWE eco:nova. A clever construction as a measure against supply shortages and loss in sales.

Easy-to-clean smooth-bore tube principle

The MIWE eco:nova functions according to the smooth-bore tube principle making its heat exchangers easy and convenient to clean unlike commercially available finned-tube heat exchangers that have neither good self-cleaning properties nor are convenient to clean manually.

Integrated flue gas washing
for environmental protection

With integrated limestone filtering, sulphur dioxide in the flue gas is neutralised naturally. This allows purified air to leave the heat exchanger and the MIWE eco:nova makes a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

Easy operation with MIWE TC

Complex functions made easy to operate. That's what makes the Touch Control MIWE TC, also in the MIWE eco:nova better than the rest. All the data in view all the time - from vacuum and temperatures reached, right up to energy recovered. Moreover, comprehensive statistical information of all the data can be displayed. This makes it possible to adjust the processes in the bakery for energy saving baking.

A central unit as a cost benefit

The advantages of the MIWE eco:nova as a central unit can already be seen right at the initial investment. Instead of having one chimney for each individual oven, just one exhaust (and thus only one opening at the installation site) is necessary for the central MIWE eco:nova. One forced-suction fan with frequency converter PID control replaces expensive chimney stack fans for each oven. Also for the pipework, the savings in material and installation costs are considerable.
A further advantage of this central system is that in the case of necessary modifications (e.g. due to regulatory requirements), changes need to be made on one system only.

The concept from a single source

Planning, design, oven technology, MIWE eco:nova, service - MIWE offers the solution from one source. The entire concept is always aimed at achieving the best possible baking result.