eco : proof
Where expensive electricity was used to date in bakery refrigeration, hot water which is available anyway can now be used. On the way to low energy bakeries, MIWE eco:proof will be an indispensable system in the future, enabling you to work energy-efficiently and economically.

MIWE eco:proof's hot water heat exchanger ensures that the proofing temperature is right - far more gently than any radiant heater.


  • With its waste-heat utilization and optimised heat exchanger, MIWE eco:proof guarantees even heat distribution and stress-free proofing.

  • Versatile, can be used in GR, KR, GUV, GVA chambers or as a stand-alone mounted heat exchanger in GR chambers, operated with ethylene glycol

  • Reduction of energy costs (universal heating options)

  • Oil, gas or solar heating

  • Optional integration of recovered energy in the production process

  • Improvement of the efficiency of energy suppliers such as MIWE eco:nova, MIWE eco:box and MIWE eco:recover

  • Each glycol heat exchanger is connected individually in the MIWE GR, MIWE KR, MIWE GUV, MIWE GVA
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