eco : recover

Frost-heave protection for deep-freezing units (to prevent damage to buildings)

MIWE eco : box
Inventive engineers came up with the idea of recovering waste heat from refrigerating units many years ago. What is new is that it is now worthwhile. Because the energy prices continue to rise. And because a system built of high-quality materials, specially designed for bakehouses and particularly efficient, now exists: MIWE eco:recover.
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Kaisers Gute Backstube has moved to a production facility that really does the company name proud.
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Special challenges - Special solutions…
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Special challenges - Special solutions…


  • Versatile, can be used on all compression refrigerating units (even those not built by MIWE). Easy to retrofit. The cooling system remains functional. It also acts as a heat pump on the waste heat side.

  • Tried and tested, systematic function principle: Per refrigerating circuit, one appropriately sized stainless steel plate heat exchanger works based on the countercurrent method. MIWE eco:recover combines all waste heat used and saves it in an accumulator, for example.

  • Fully automatic: no monitoring or operations needed. No additional operating costs.

  • Versatile: The hot water produced can be used for underfloor or room heating, for process water heating or additional heating in proofing, climatic or automatic proofing machines. In conjunction with other energy sources (e.g. MIWE eco:nova or MIWE eco:box), refrigerating units can be thawed even more efficiently.

  • Precision fit: Graduated modules with overall outputs of up to 100 kW are available.

  • Reliable. Equipped with safety blocking valves should the worst come to the worst: Smooth operation of the refrigerating units is guaranteed at all times.

  • "All in one" design. Visually appealing and also useful, as it protects the components against soiling.

  • Simple installation, as even multiple-circuit systems only require one water feed and one water return per MIWE eco:recover.

  • From a good home: Developed and manufactured by MIWE for the needs of bakehouses around the world.