Baking Ovens

Keeping with family tradition, we develop and manufacture state of the art ovens to meet your requirement. Our ovens range in size from just 0.25 qm to over 250 qm.
Our maintenance-friendly ovens with easy access to all the relevant parts ensure speedy and effective service.

Bakery Refrigeration Systems

It’s a well-known fact that refrigeration and temperature control are just as important to a modern bakery as the right baking temperature. MIWE’s expert team of technicians has been successful in developing a number of innovations in refrigeration technology. We achieve the desired evenness in the cooling results with a stationary evaporator that has been designed for the dimensions of the room.


Our loading and unloading technology takes the drudgery out of baking.
MIWE‘s transport system takes the backbreaking work out of baking by making the loading and unloading of an oven a simple task, improves the material flow and saves your precious resources

MIWE Energy

MIWE has always taken a holistic view of all baking techniques and processes. With MIWE energy, we offer you solutions for the efficient usage of energy. Let us find out together what reserves of energy are hidden in your bakehouse and how you can significantly reduce energy costs.

Control Systems

In principle, what the control system on an oven or cooling device does is actually quite simple. The control system is designed to help the baker control all major process parameters as quickly and accurately as possible. It gives the baker a reliable means of maintaining the reproducible quality which customers value so highly.

Used systems

The No. 1 concern when purchasing a used system is quality and reliability - qualities for which MIWE has been known for years. If you are interested in a MIWE used system, then we are your best choice, since as a manufacturer we are known for the long service life of our products, our top-quality factory overhauls and professional installation.