MIWE GVA e+ fully automatic proofing unit

It doesn't matter which air conditioning option you use to improve the quality of your dough pieces and to increase the flexibility of your operations, the MIWE GVA e+ is the solution for you.

MIWE GUV proofing interruption unit

The MIWE GUV has been optimised for long-time dough methods and freezing. Also, it gives you the control over the low plus and minus temperature range right up to freezing temperatures.

MIWE GV proofing retarder

The MIWE GV is the professional tool for controlled, long-time dough methods.
Long-time dough methods in the low temperature range above zero are a tried and tested method for all bakers striving for long-lasting freshness and outstanding product quality.

MIWE SF flash freezer

The coolest way to protect your products. The MIWE SF is the ideal choice when you want to gently freeze large volumes of dough.

MIWE TLK dough preservation unit

With the TLK, you can freeze unpacked dough pieces in high ambient humidity gently and ensuring high quality for long-term storage.

Combined refrigeration unit

As special versions, we produce combined units from the tried and tested components from our refrigeration range.
This gives you individual refrigeration units made to fit any bakery.

MIWE GR proofing chamber

For installing modern and reliable proofing systems in available spaces with limited flexibility, even in the small gaps between baking ovens, the MIWE GR System is unbeatable.