Combination Refrigeration Systems
We offer special versions that combine systems from tried and tested components from our refrigeration range - rounded off with MIWE SK cream cold storage, MIWE NK cold storage, and MIWE TK freezer storage for packed products.
In this way, we offer tailored refrigeration units in nearly all sizes and classes for any type of company.
  • Any conceivable combination is possible.

  • All systems can be kept in one group.

  • MIWE can tailor every type of plan to the customer's needs.

  • High flexibility.

  • All systems centrally located in the most compact spaces. This ensures short distances.

Product information MIWE Refrigeration System

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Report from practical experience

  Success Story: Schäfers Backstube (797,07 KB)
Energy plays a key role when redesigning and rebuilding a bakery...

Additions to combined systems (also available individually).
MIWE TK freezer storage: the industry standard for storage of packed frozen products.

The MIWE TK is used for deep-frozen packed products. The units are very versatile, incredibly efficient and simple to clean.


MIWE NK cold storage: for everything else that must be kept cool in the bakery.
In bakeries, it's not just dough that has to be kept cool. For example, eggs and yeast also have to be refrigerated. For all these products, conventional refrigeration at low above-freezing temperatures is totally sufficient. This is exactly the right job for the MIWE NK cold storage.


The MIWE SK cream cold storage: designed especially for pastry products.
MIWE SK cream cold storage is designed especially for pastry products that require high humidity in order to retain their quality. The MIWE SK ensures the right refrigeration conditions for pastry shops thanks to its large evaporator surface. At the same time, almost no humidity remains on the evaporator (due to the typical cream refrigeration temperatures in the low above-freezing range).  In this way, humidity stays in the air and therefore in the products, a highly welcome benefit. With its special temperature/humidity profile, the MIWE SK can be used for conventional long-time dough methods.

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