MIWE GR - The proofing specialist.

For installing modern and reliable proofing systems in available spaces with limited flexibility, even in the small gaps between baking ovens, the MIWE GR System is unbeatable. Thanks to its variability, the system not only allows optimum use of space, but also offers optimal air conditioning technology and easy control. Unnecessary costs and compromises are now a thing of the past. MIWE makes baking simple - proofing too.

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Report from practical experience

  User Report: Bäckerei Winkler, Litzendorf (323,25 KB)
Together with MIWE, Bäckerei-Konditorei Winkler, a bakery and pastry shop, has developed a complete refrigeration concept and is now using the system for its entire range of white bread and pastries.
  User Report: Bäckerei Kurz, Ischgl, Austria (1,11 MB)
„I didn‘t want to, nor could I afford to make any compromises“, says master baker and pastry chef Hannes Kurz.
  User Report: Kaisers Gute Backstube, Ehrenkirchen (698,92 KB)
Kaisers Gute Backstube has moved to a production facility that really does the company name proud.
  Success Story: Bakkery Wagner (453,18 KB)
Special challenges - Special solutions…

The MIWE GR – great value, compact size

  • Capacity: 1 to 30 rack trolleys 60 /100.
  • Optimal space utilization! Installation possible in rooms of all sizes. The standard heights of 233 and 256 cm are adapted to MIWE baking ovens. Of course, other heights are also possible.
  • 2 wall versions! Low-cost insulating elements with 25 mm wall thickness (PR GR 500-HPL) in white, or hygienic stainless steel elements with 33 or 80 mm wall thickness.
  • 2 air conditioning systems! For the low-cost, compact MIWE MGT for small proofing chambers up to approx. 8 m3, the temperature and humidity is regulated with just one device that is installed under the chamber's ceiling to save space. Larger systems have a separate steam generator in combination with particularly flat circulating air units. (MIWE module). The arrangement of the circulating air units for optimal air flow ensures particularly even air conditioning in all chamber sizes and shapes.
  • Perfect, continuous regulation of humidity and temperature! The MIWE FP8 MF fixed program control offers the highest level of operating ease. In case of limited chamber width, the smaller MIWE FP3 fixed programme control can be placed above the door.
  • Easy-to-clean, smooth stainless steel door panels with large insulating glazing and convenient magnetic door catch. This also controls the lighting at the same time.
  • We've thought of everything! Including ram protection all the way around the interior.
  • All MIWE GR can also be installed as a pass-through proofing chamber.
  • Saves time and costs! Your MIWE GR is especially fast and easy to install.

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