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Taste that comes from the cold.

Good bakers have always known that the quality of their products is already determined before the baking process. They have realised that much more potential is available in skilful temperature and humidity control than the rectification of working hours.
They also know that only those who can offer holistic solutions can cope with the complete air conditioning production process. Only those who have an overview of all the parameters will be able to optimise specific processes. It doesn't make any difference whether you prefer standard components or individual units - sooner or later you will come to us. MIWE bakery refrigeration - the best thing that can happen to your baked products.

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„At first, we actually weren‘t even thinking of opening a bakery,“ admits Ewald Grobe.
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Special challenges - Special solutions…

The e+ seal of quality. Only given to the best.
At MIWE, we are committed to using energy efficiently and making a lasting contribution to energy conservation. This commitment applies above all to the systems and processes we develop for our customers. MIWE systems that fulfil this principle in a very special way - and only them - are given our e+ seal of quality.

  • Top quality and consistency of the products with the MIWE air guidance system with innovative V-panels a more even, widespread flow of air along the entire height of the pressure panels.
  • Energy yield increased by 10% by integrating a range of innovations in the functionality of the intelligent Touch Control MIWE TC.

  • More energy-efficient thanks to improved fans, injection electronics and lighting.

MIWE bakery refrigeration in detail:
Hygienic, easy-to-clean floor tub with overhanging drip edge; stainless steel covering bonded across the whole surface and with a joint offset to the floor tub, preventing moisture from entering; individually optimised evaporator-plate spacing (important in 24-hr operation!) and, last but not least, an energy-saving operating mode as an intelligent, load-optimised combined cooling system.
Fully automatic proofing unit GVA e+ - the solution for any climate control task from -20 to +40 °C.
  • Cost reduction: change night work into day work. Baking can be carried out immediately after starting work.

  • Versatile and flexible thanks to a wide temperature range and the extremely wide humidity panorama (up to 98% RH).

  • Proofing, proofing retardation, fast cooling, proofing interruption or stiffening – MIWE GVA masters all climatic processes in any sequence and freely selectable time segments. Each process curve can be displayed and precisely shut down.

  • The MIWE GVA e+, which has been awarded the e+ seal of quality, combines perfect hygiene, extremely low levels of energy use and excellent product quality.

  • Reproducible quality at the highest level: thanks to the touchscreen control system MIWE TC, up to 8 program segments can be easily defined and reliably accessed every time.

  • No waiting time: the active humidification system immediately supplies available steam.

  • The patented air guide system also enables the continuous "freezing" function or long-term storage in connection with the optional thawing, door frame and drain heating systems.

  • More taste: a separate fan control setting can be saved in every program segment. This facilitates better enzymatic development, resulting in improved taste and volume.

  • Interior and floor tub (slip-resistance class R12) made of easy-to-clean, hygienic stainless steel; fronts, which are normally coated in white, are also available in stainless steel.

  • Energy-saving: the all-round 80 mm (optionally 100 mm) thick and continuous insulation prevents cold bridges and loss of energy.


The MIWE GUV proofing interruption unit has been optimised for long-time dough methods and freezing from -20 to +15°C.

The MIWE GUV proofing interruption unit gives you control of lower temperatures above freezing, temperatures below freezing and even deep-freeze temperatures.
In this way, it covers all tasks from retarded proofing and long-time dough method to quick cooling and proofing interruption. It can be used for all applications where a wide spectrum of refrigeration is needed, but not the special proofing capabilities of the MIWE GVA fully automatic proofing unit. For all other applications, the proofing interruption unit is absolutely on par with the fully automatic proofing unit: both have exactly same air conduction system, which uses a convenient MIWE TC control and a generous freezing capacity. With its high (passive) relative humidity, which you can increase with an optional humidifier, the MIWE GUV proofing interruption unit is the perfect defrosting and recovery cell.


The MIWE GV proofing retarder: the professional tool for controlled, long-time dough methods from 0 to +15°C.

Long-time dough method is an effective method for bakers striving for long-lasting freshness, outstanding product quality, an intensified aroma and improved dough structure.
As a side benefit, you have the organizational advantage of being able to bake for several hours at a time. The MIWE GV proofing retardation unit is the perfect choice for a wide range of long-time dough methods. Depending on their type, products can be stored for up to 36 hours.The unit can also be used for defrosting deep-frozen products thanks to its specially designed heating system. With the MIWE TC touchscreen control system, you can control these functions easily and conveniently. Air flow via a stainless steel false ceiling ensures maximum evenness and quality of products. In times when energy prices are on the rise, you will quickly come to appreciate the outstanding energy efficiency of the MIWE GV.

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